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The Top 5 Economic Conservative Books of All Time

Are you interested in free markets and getting government out of the marketplace? If so check out our 5 Best[...]

Member of the Week: Keith Urbahn (President, Javelin)

Keith Urbahn, President of Javelin - a leading book public relations firm, and former speechwriter for Hon. Donald Rumsfeld, is[...]

“Conservative Heroes” Author Interview with Garland Tucker III

"Conservative Heroes" is about 14 Americans who pioneered the conservative movement all the way from the founding to Reagan.

CBC Members Vote To Embargo Obamatrade

CBC members resoundingly chose to embargo Obamatrade and the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership with Asia.

Member of the Week: Katie Engdahl Vernuccio (State Policy Network’s Generation Liberty)

Katie Engdahl Vernuccio currently manages the State Policy Network's Generation Liberty Fellowship program, and previously worked at Americans for Prosperity.

“Getting Real” with Gretchen Carlson (Author Interview)

Gretchen Carlson, the Fox News host and former Miss America pageant winner, discusses her new book and funniest moments on[...]

CBC Members Want To Read Ann Coulter This Summer!

Most readers wanted to read Ann Coulter's new book, Adios, America!: The Left's Plan to Turn Our Country Into a[...]

Member of the Week: Regis Giles (Owner, Girls Just Wanna Have Guns)

Regis Giles talks about empowering women and the 2nd Amendment, and her politico family, including Doug Giles (father) and Hannah[...]

Ann Coulter Tops Conservative Bestseller List Exposing Illegal Immigration Cabal

Soaring to the top of the Conservative Bestseller List in its first week of release, Ann Coulter reminds us why[...]

Ann Coulter Exposes The Illegal Immigration Cabal

Read CBC's exclusive author interview with the fiery Ann Coulter about her new book on illegal immigration, "Adios America!"

Member of the Week: Raffi Williams (Deputy Press Secretary, RNC)

Raffi Williams, son of Fox News' Juan Williams, discusses his Republican politics, RNC job, and debates at family dinners!

Interview with Editor of “The Dadly Virtues” (Jonathan Last)

Have you gotten Dad a gift for Father's Day yet? For some ideas, read our interview with Jonathan Last, editor[...]

Member of the Week: Patrick Coyle (Vice President, Young America’s Foundation)

Patrick Coyle is the Vice President of Young America's Foundation, one of the leading conservative youth organizations in America.

Member of the Week: Amy Frederick (President, 60 Plus Association)

Amy Frederick is certainly a rising star within the DC scene running the 60 Plus Association as its president, the[...]

Has China Eclipsed America as World’s Superpower? (Author Interview with Dr. Michael Pillsbury)

CBC exclusively interviews Dr. Michael Pillsbury, an expert on US-China relations and was once responsible for implementing the "Reagan Doctrine."
Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh: Kirsten Powers Is “Gutsy”

Rush Limbaugh defended liberal author Kirsten Powers on his radio show, calling her “gutsy” for exposing liberal intolerance in her […]

Member of the Week: Lori Sanders (Outreach Director, R Street Institute

Lori Sanders is the Outreach Director & Senior Fellow at the R Street Institute and is CBC's Member of the[...]

What Would President Carly Fiorina Do On Day 1? We Asked Her!

CBC exclusively interviewed 2016 hopeful and author, Carly Fiorina. We ask about her time at Hewlett-Packard and what she would[...]

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