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Is Mueller Setting A Trap For President Trump?

Is Robert Mueller setting a trap for President Trump in his ongoing Russia investigation? Find out Mueller's scheme in the[...]

Maxine Waters Is Being Hypocritical Over Pro-Trump Rapper Kanye West!

See how biased liberal Rep. Maxine Waters is being a hypocrite over rapper Kanye West's outspoken support of Pres. Donald[...]

Episode #11: Amy Chua Interview: The Origin of Identity Politics, Political Tribalism, and the Need for American Assimilation to Save America

Can we save America from identity politics? Hear our podcast with Amy Chua author of "Political Tribes: Group Instinct and the[...]

See The Reason The White House Correspondents Dinner Exists!

Why do we even have a White House Correspondents Dinner? See the real reason the biased media celebrates this event[...]

POLL: Should The Illegal Migrant Caravan Be Allowed Into America?

A large caravan of illegal migrants from Central America and Mexico is making its way towards the border. Should they[...]

You Won’t Believe The Horrible Abortion Joke Made At The WHCD!

You won't believe the horrible abortion joke "comedian" Michelle Wolf made at the White House Correspondents Dinner! Find out what[...]

POLL: Should The White House Correspondents Dinner Be Cancelled?

After another round of controversy, hould the White House Correspondents Dinner be cancelled going forward? Vote now in our CBC[...]

Movie Review: “A Quiet Place”

Is new horror movie "A Quiet Place", starring Josh Krasinski and Emily Blunt, worth the hype? Read our review to[...]

Defeat Leftist Revisionism From American History To The Vatican

From twisting American history to taking over the Catholic Church, leftist subversion never stops. Stop the left with our Weekly[...]

Should Trump Win Nobel Peace Prize For Ending The Korean War?

Obama won a Nobel Peace Prize for nothing; should Pres. Trump win a Nobel Peace Prize for helping to end[...]

4 Unsung Historical Heroes Who Helped Make America Great

Check out our list of 4 Unsung Heroes Who Made America Great to see why liberals are wrong about American[...]

See The Real Common Thread That Ties Mass Shootings Together

Liberals like to blame shootings like those in Nashville and Parkland on guns. Find out the actual common thread between[...]

Episode #10: The Danger of Historical Revisionism

Learn how historical revisionism harming America, its noble purpose in the world, and how this has led to the hyperpartisan[...]

POLL: Will Trump Lawyer Michael Cohen Betray Pres. Trump?

Will Trump personal lawyer Michael Cohen betray Pres. Trump to get out of his sticky legal situation with the FBI?[...]

Phony James Comey’s Opportunist Screed Is A Work of Fiction!

James Comey continues to travel across America promoting his new book "A Higher Loyalty". See the cartoon to see why[...]

POLL: Should Pres. Trump Withdraw From The Iran Nuclear Deal?

Should Pres. Trump withdraw from the controversial nuclear weapons/energy deal with Iran? Vote now in our CBC reader poll!

See What Shania Twain Said About Voting For Pres. Trump!

Is country music star Shania Twain Pres. Trump's latest celebrity supporter? See what Shania Twain said about possibly voting for[...]

Comey Has A “Higher Loyalty” To Political Gain, Not Justice!

James Comey is going around America proclaiming his love of justice,  but he's a partisan hack! See the cartoon to[...]

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