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Syria’s Assad Belongs On The Cover of MAD Magazine!

Bashar al-Assad -- or Alfred E. Neuman? See why Syria's chemical weapon-using despot belongs in MAD Magazine in the cartoon!

The 5 Women Who Loved John Wilkes Booth

John Wilkes Booth didn't just earn infamy as an assassin -- he also earned it as an actor and lover.[...]

Is The DACA Deal A Welcome Mat For Illegal Immigration From Mexico?

Is the DACA deal a "welcome mat" for waves of illegal immigration from Mexico into America? See Michael Ramirez's cartoon!

Should Trump Fire Mueller After The Raid On Michael Cohen’s Office?

Should Pres. Trump fire Robert Mueller after the brazen, unprecedented raid on the office of Michael Cohen, Trump's personal lawyer?[...]

See Mexico’s Hypocrisy on Enforcing Immigration Laws!

Mexican leaders attack Trump and America for enforcing our immigration laws, but their immigration laws are harsher! See their hypocrisy[...]

POLL: Should America Attack Syria For Using Chemical Weapons On Civilians?

Should America attack Syria as a response to despot Bashar al-Assad's latest chemical weapons strike against civilians? Vote now!

Is This Planned Parenthood Screed The Dumbest Liberal Book Of 2018?

Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards is releasing a new book, "Make Trouble" -- and we think it could be the dumbest[...]

Trey Gowdy’s Top 7 Takedowns

We've compiled a list of Trey Gowdy's greatest hits from his congressional hearings -- watch them all in our list[...]

Tim Scott, Trey Gowdy, and Dennis Prager Lead This Week’s Roundup!

We've got two great books and two great podcasts for you to check out, from Sen. Tim Scott and Rep.[...]

POLL: Should Trump Send Troops To Our Border To Stop The Migrant Caravan?

Should Pres. Trump send the military to protect our southern border from the illegal Central American migrant caravan? Vote now!

Movie Review: “Ready Player One”

Is Steven Spielberg's latest movie, pop-culture nostalgia trip "Ready Player One", worth seeing? Read our review to find out!

Episode #7: Dennis Prager Interview: His New Book “The Rational Bible: Exodus,” His New Movie, Prager U, and the Restoration of Faith in America

Live from the Conservative Book Club offices in Washington, DC, we interviewed renown national talk radio host and bestselling author[...]

See Trump’s Plan To Put Troops On The Mexican Border!

See what Pres. Trump had to say about the Honduran migrant caravan, the planned border wall, and putting troops at[...]

Episode #6: Interview with Rep. Trey Gowdy & Sen. Tim Scott: Their New Book “Unified,” Their Friendship, and How We Can Fix a Divided Country

In our very fun exclusive podcast author interview with both Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) and Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC), we[...]

What’s A Dumber Idea: Gun Control Or Eating Tide Pods?

Teens don't just eat detergent and vote for Hillary; they also snort condoms, and whine about why we need gun[...]

What’s Crazier: Eating Detergent, Snorting Condoms, Or Voting Hillary?

Millennials do all sorts of viral stunts, from eating Tide pods to snorting condoms. But are those as crazy as[...]

Hear What Ann Coulter Said About Pres. Trump And The Wall!

Listen to Ann Coulter talk about the migrant caravan, the border wall, and Pres. Trump -- and her profanity-laden screaming[...]

No Hell? Hell No! See How The Vatican Responded To Pope Francis

No hell? Hell no! See how the Vatican responded to Pope Francis' supposed and controversial theological assertion that hell doesn't[...]

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