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POLL: Do You Support Pres. Trump’s Tariffs?

Do you approve of Pres. Trump's new tariffs on steel, aluminum, and other goods? Vote now in our CBC reader[...]

Which Country Will Really Be Hurt By Trump’s Tariffs?

Trump's tariffs have upset free-marketeers, including cartoonist Michael Ramirez. See his cartoon to see which country might be hurt most[...]

CBC Reading Roundup March 5-9, 2018

This week has had a diverse array of conservative books for you to enjoy, from fictional CIA thrillers to Hollywood's[...]

POLL: Should Pres. Trump Meet With Kim Jong-un?

Pres. Trump made diplomatic shockwaves by announcing his intent to meet North Korean despot Kim Jong-un. Should he meet with[...]

Will Justice Anthony Kennedy Retire? See What One GOP Senator Said!

Will Justice Anthony Kennedy retire? You need to see what Sen. Dean Heller had to say!

Think You Can Stop Trump? Dream On, Democrats!

Liberals think Democrats can stop Trump -- they really are Dreamers! See the cartoon for more!

POLL: Should California Be Punished For Flouting Immigration Laws?

The DOJ is challenging 3 California laws that impede the proper enforcement of federal immigration policy. Should California be punished?[...]

Has Trump Opened A Can Of Worms With Tariffs?

Has Pres. Trump opened up a can of worms with his steel tariffs? See the cartoon to find out!

See What Slogan Democrats Can’t Use Anymore!

Dems may have coined the phrase "It's the economy, stupid!" -- but Democrats can't use that anymore now that Trump[...]

POLL: Should Sanctuary City Leaders Face Criminal Charges?

DHS is considering charging sanctuary city leaders for flouting deportation laws. Should sanctuary city leaders face criminal charges? Vote now[...]

Check Out Three Billboards Outside Hollywood, California!

Conservatives should check out these three very correct billboards outside of Hollywood, California! See the cartoon for more!

POLL: Was CNN Wrong To Air Crazy Sam Nunberg?

Was it wrong for dishonest CNN to air Sam Nunberg's ranting and raving? Vote in our CBC reader poll!

Guess Which Oscar Winner Still Loves America?

Guess which foreign-born Oscar winner still loves America -- see his stirring speech to find out!

Trump’s Top 12 Liberal Celebrity Enemies

Donald Trump never shies away from a fight -- especially if its a liberal celebrity! See our list of his[...]

You Won’t Believe How Obama Forgot All His Scandals

Barack Obama is seriously trying to pretend that his corrupt administration had no scandals. See how Michael Ramirez set him[...]

Guns Dominated The Conversation This Week

From Dana Loesch to Pres. Donald Trump, guns and mass shootings were the hot topic this week! See more in[...]

Movie Review: “Annihilation”

Is Natalie Portman's new sci-fi horror thriller "Annihilation" worth seeing? Read our review to find out!

POLL: Has Trump Betrayed Conservatives On Guns?

Has Pres. Trump betrayed conservatives by calling to raise the purchasing age for guns, among other gun control measures? Vote[...]

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