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CBC Weekly Roundup Jan. 22-26

From Suzanne Somers to Pres. Trump, conservatives have had a lot to say this week! See what conservatives nationwide are[...]

Should Trump Trade “Dreamer” Amnesty For Wall Funding?

Pres. Trump has proposed a deal that would exchange a 10-12 year path to citizenship for the 1.8 million illegal[...]

10 Crucial Errors That Decided The Civil War

How did the Union win the Civil War -- and how did the South lose? Find out in our list[...]

The FBI Is The Federal Bureau of Insidiousness

They may think of themselves as investigators, but the FBI is the Federal Bureau of Insidiousness! See more in the[...]

Movie Review: “I, Tonya”

Get Tonya Harding's side of her incredible fall from grace in the black-humor biopic "I, Tonya". To learn more, read[...]

Has Congress Just Kicked The Budget Can Down The Road?

Has Congress just kicked the budgetary can down the road? See the cartoon to find out!

See What TV’s Suzanne Somers Said About Pres. Trump

Suzanne Somers may have been on ´╗┐Three's Company´╗┐, but she rejects the "wisdom" of the Hollywood crowd! See what she[...]

Was The Shutdown A Self-Inflicted Wound For Democrats?

Was the government shutdown a self-inflicted wound for the Democrats? See our cartoon to find out!

See The New Congressional Slogan On The Capitol Building

Congress' new motto is incredibly appropriate! See what new slogan they've carved into the Capitol!

Are Democrats To Blame For The Government Shutdown?

Are Democrats to blame for the budget impasse and the shutdown of the federal government? Vote in our CBC reader[...]

Movie Review: “The Disaster Artist”

The "The Disaster Artist" is a good movie about the worst movie ever made -- "The Room". See why its[...]

How Antonin Scalia Changed America’s Courts Forever

Learn how Antonin Scalia helped change America's courts forever in our interview with his friend Bryan Garner, author of the[...]

CBC Reading Roundup Jan. 15-19

From James O'Keefe to Antonin Scalia to the Civil War, conservatives have had a lot to read about this week![...]

The Top 7 Pro-Life Books

Today is the 44th annual March for Life! In honor of the march and the pro-life cause, we've compiled a[...]

CNN’s Jim Acosta Is A Left-Wing Clown!

CNN's Jim Acosta is a left-wing, race-baiting media clown! See his ridiculous question to Pres. Trump in the cartoon!

Trump’s Top 7 Priorities For 2018

After a successful first year in office, Pres. Trump is ready to do even more to make America great again![...]

Movie Review: “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri”

Is "Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri" worth the Oscar hype -- or is it being promoted to spread an anti-conservative,[...]

Pres. Trump Loves Pressing The Left’s Buttons!

No one pisses off the politically correct Left like Pres. Trump! See how he's pressing their big red meltdown buttons[...]

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