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The Democrats Are “Donkey Little”!

The Democrats play the race card so often against conservatives, they've become "Donkey Little"! See why libs think the sky[...]

Peggy Grande Endorses The Conservative Book Club!

Peggy Grande, author of the book "The President Will See You Now", has endorsed the Conservative Book Club! Watch Peggy[...]

20 Prominent Black Conservatives

This MLK Day, check out our list of 20 Prominent Black Conservatives! From government to pop culture, these black conservatives[...]

CBC Reading Roundup Jan. 8-12

From RNC spokesperson Kayleigh McEnany to Rush Limbaugh's PR guy, conservative had a lot to read this week! Check it[...]

Should Pres. Trump Demand A Wall For DACA Deal With Dems?

Pres. Trump has shot down the bipartisan DACA deal. Should he demand funding for the border wall in exchange for[...]

It’s Always Opposite Day At The Ninth Circuit Court

The Ninth Circuit Court are masters of legal wizardry -- it's always Opposite Day when it comes to their rulings![...]

“Fire and Fury” Full of Farce and Fiction

Liberals start the year with a failed hit job on President Trump!

Here’s What Past Presidents Think About Oprah Running In 2020

Would America's great historical Presidents approve of an Oprah Winfrey candidacy? See Michael Ramirez's cartoon to find out!

Will 2020’s Candidates All Be Celebrities? See The Cartoon

Could 2020 have an all-celebrity slate of Presidential candidates? Who'll run against businessman and TV star Pres. Trump? See the[...]

Should Pres. Trump Veto The Democrat DACA Fix?

Congressional Democrats continue to call for a "clean" DREAM Act after meeting with Pres. Trump as part of their scheme[...]

Pres. Trump’s Populist Revolution Is Making America Great Again

Trump shocked the Establishment by winning with populism. Listen to our interview with RNC spokesperson Kayleigh McEnany to learn how[...]

Sheriff Joe Arpaio Is Running For Senate!

See what Sheriff Joe Arpaio said about his Senate campaign and illegal immigration!

“Fire and Fury”? More Like Farce And Fabrication!

"Fire and Fury" is a fabrication! See the cartoon to see where this farcical anti-Trump book belongs!

Stephen Colbert Is An Anti-Trump Liberal Hater

Stephen Colbert got his career started as a smarmy liberal hack, and he's kept it up on The Late Show![...]

Who Would Win In 2020: Trump Or Oprah?

Hollywood's biggest liberals all but came out in support of an Oprah 2020 campaign at the Golden Globes last night.[...]

Golden Globe Award Predictions (if you care)

My Golden Globe Awards Predictions. I'm NOT going to watch them tonight because of the BLATANT political overtones this year,[...]

Movie Review: “The Greatest Showman”

Is Hugh Jackman's latest movie, a biopic of circus showman P.T. Barnum, worth seeing? Is it a victim of liberal[...]

Should Hillary Clinton Be Indicted Over The Clinton Foundation?

The FBI has opened a new investigation into the shady Clinton Foundation, which was exposed as corrupt by Peter Schweizer's[...]

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