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The Top 7 Conservative Movies of 2017

Check out our Top 7 Conservative Movies of 2017, complete with trailers, to see which conservative movies you should watch[...]

Watch Donald Trump Jr.’s Warning About The FBI

"My father talked about a rigged system throughout the campaign. And you're seeing it. There is, and there are, people[...]

See Why Pelosi Is Having A Nightmare Before Christmas!

It's almost Christmas -- and Nancy Pelosi is freaking out! See how the tax bill is giving Pelosi a nightmare[...]

Trump’s Top 10 Victories of 2017

Trump has only been in office for 11 months, but he's already had a number of victories over the DC[...]

Did You Like “Star Wars: The Last Jedi”?

The latest Star Wars movie is here! Vote in our CBC reader poll and tell us: did you like "The[...]

Robert Mueller Is The Grinch Who Stole Emails!

Robert Mueller is ramping up his investigation of Trump -- but how? It's because he's the Grinch who stole emails![...]

Here’s How Charles Dickens Invented Christmas

Read our review of new movie "The Man Who Invented Christmas" to learn how Charles Dickens revived the Christmas spirit!

Go Inside Trump’s World With These Great Books

Ever since he took America by storm in the 2016 election, Pres. Trump has attracted controversy and attention in equal[...]

Announcing The Top 10 Conservative Books of 2017!

CBC is excited to announce our Top 10 Conservative Books of 2017 -- check them out!

Should Speaker Paul Ryan Resign After 2018 Midterms?

Should Speaker of the House Paul Ryan resign after the 2018 midterm elections? Vote in our CBC reader poll!

See How Trump Reacted To Roy Moore’s Election Loss

Judge Roy Moore lost the Alabama Senate election to pro-choice Democrat Doug Jones. See how Pres. Trump reacted in his[...]

Who Is To Blame For Roy Moore’s Election Defeat?

Who is most to blame for Judge Roy Moore's stunning defeat in the Alabama Senate election -- Steve Bannon, Mitch[...]

The Top 10 Conservative Books of 2017

Which right-wing reads made the biggest splash this year? Which authors dominated discourse? Check out our Top 10 Conservative Books[...]

How Did Hitler Become So Evil?

How did Adolf Hitler go from being a WWI veteran to history's most evil man? Read our interview with Thomas[...]

Libs Are The First Snowflakes Of Winter

Winter is coming. The first snowflakes can be found wherever your local liberal lives, whining about the election and Russia[...]

Will Judge Roy Moore Win The Alabama Senate Election?

Embattled GOP candidate Judge Roy Moore has brought the nation's eyes to Alabama's Senate election thanks to numerous, decades-old allegations[...]

After Foiled NYC Attack, Should Trump’s Travel Ban Be Expanded?

Would-be NYC terrorist Akayed Ullah is Bangladeshi Muslim who immigrated here under Obama. Should Trump's travel ban be expanded to[...]

Here’s What FBI Really Stands For

The government would have you believe FBI stands for the Federal Bureau of Investigation, but they are misleading you! See[...]

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