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Boomerang: How the Left-Wing Media Tried to Destroy Trump and Destroyed Itself Instead

Author: Brent Bozell
Publisher: Center Street Books • Mar. 13, 2018 • 276 pages

The media set out to annihilate Donald Trump and his campaign for president. Yet after months of pummeling, it didn’t work. The American people still made him president of the United States.

The media’s coverage of the 2016 presidential election didn’t offer the usual carnival of liberal favoritism. Instead, after first dismissing him as an ignorant self-promoter only to watch him win his party’s nomination, a panicked media worked overtime to portray Donald Trump as a rage-filled horror-movie monster.

No one could be more shocked at the 2016 presidential election result than the media, the self-ordained progressive elite, mentors to the unwary voters and shapers of history. They believed that Hillary Clinton would win, no question, and continue Obama’s radical-left agenda.

After their shock that Trump had won the election, the media elites felt they had failed and wanted to “make amends” for their failure to stop him – as if they had any right to do so as “reporters.” And they gave oxygen to every excuse advanced by the Left to explain their loss. They blamed the Constitution and Electoral College. They blamed cheaters in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin. They blamed Putin and Russian hacking. They blamed “fake news.” But Trump had turned the tables on them. They had become the issue instead.

The media had destroyed themselves.

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