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Catholic Republic: Why America Will Perish Without Rome

Publisher: Dangerous Books • Feb. 19, 2018 • 242 pages

The symptoms of America’s decline are all around us: abortion on demand, the shrinking of liberty and the growth of the state, a pagan popular culture, the destruction of families and free markets, and the reduction of science to petty pop-technology. Few, if any, have sought to explain the origin of all of these problems at once. In Catholic Republic, Timothy Gordon argues that America’s premature withering could have been avoided if only the founders had fully incorporated into the new republic the Catholic natural law.

The anti-Catholic bias of 18th-century America kept our Protestant and Enlightenment forefathers from admitting their dependence upon the ideas of Aristotle, St. Thomas Aquinas, and the early Jesuits. In Catholic Republic, Gordon unpacks our nation’s complicated history of repudiating, yet borrowing, the Catholic ideas about politics and nature, which turn out to be indispensable to our—and all—republics.

Indeed, America still can be saved. It is not too late. This is the message of Timothy Gordon in Catholic Republic. 

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