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Cry Havoc!: The Great American Bring-Down and How It Happened

Publisher: Anthem Books • 2006 • 254 pages
Cry Havoc!: The Great American Bring-Down and How It Happened

A socialist-turned-conservative who helped to found “National Review”, Ralph de Toledano was for the past half-century one of the leading lights on the right. In his final book, “Cry Havoc!” — published just before his death in February 2007 – de Toledano documents in chilling detail how a cabal of intellectuals, “educrats,” and politicians, manipulated by a well-financed, world-wide conspiracy, organized the strategy to undermine the American system.

For the last five decades, de Toledano writes, war has been declared on America and its most important educational, cultural, and economic institutions. “Perversity is increasingly a way of life,” he charges. “What was once obscenity is the ordinary currency. The current obscenity is God, morality, the family. Rape and murder fill the newspapers. … The Bill of Rights is a scrap of paper, attached to a decaying and ignored Constitution. Education is a medium for dissolution, abolishing learning. The media is steeped in prevarication and nihilism.”

How did this come about? De Toledano draws on his lifetime of sources, including Presidents, government and academic leaders, top-level intelligence operatives, and the wreckers themselves — in a never-before-told and in-depth account of the decline and fall of America.

“Must reading. The writing is at Ralph de Toledano’s best, better than which no one gets. It focuses on the historical and the contemporary, casting a sharp light on the players and the events of our deeply troubled times.” —WILLIAM F. BUCKLEY, JR.

“A chilling history of Western decline. In his capable hands, the story is dramatic: With the sympathy and support of an international Communist infrastructure, neo-Marxist intellectuals working within the West’s own academic institutions produced and injected the intellectual poison that would slowly atrophy the vital organs of Western civilization. Tradition, religion, morality, and the family–all of these were cast as obstacles to progress, bulwarks of an old order that had to be crushed and cleared away. ? Cry Havoc illustrates that, while political and military matters dominated the headlines of the Cold War, an equally important battle was being fought for control of the intellectual high ground. The fight began with a surprise attack, and, years later, the casualties are still coming in.” —National Review

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