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Darwin’s Black Box

• 2005 • 352 pages
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Ten years ago, Darwinists could credibly boast that no “serious” scientist took issue with Darwin’s theory of evolution. Then came biochemist Michael Behe’s Darwin’s Black Box — and everything changed. Drawing on cutting-edge discoveries in biochemistry, Dr. Behe revealed that life at the molecular level exhibits unmistakeable evidence of design, beyond Darwinian randomness. Using the examples of vision, bloodclotting, cellular transport, and more, he showed how the biochemical world comprises an arsenal of chemical machines with so many finely calibrated, interdependent parts as to be “irreducibly complex” — meaning that they cannot have evolved by stages, because any precursor to an irreducibly complex system that is missing a part would be completely nonfunctional.

Overnight, it seemed, the Intelligent Design movement was born, and Dr. Behe became its one of its most respected and articulate spokesmen. Now, Darwin’s Black Box has been reissued in a Tenth-Anniversary Edition with an all-new afterword in which Behe explains that the complexity discovered by microbiologists has dramatically increased since the book was first published — and that the evolutionists have had no success in explaining it.

“Overthrows Darwin at the end of the twentieth century in the same way that quantum theory overthrew Newton at the beginning” —GEORGE GILDER, in NATIONAL REVIEW

“An overwhelming case against Darwin on the biochemical level. . . . No one can propose to defend Darwin without meeting the challenges set out in this superbly written and compelling book.” —David Berlinski, author of A Tour of the Calculus

“Behe argues that the biochemical basis of complex life could not have developed through gradual evolutionary change because too many dependent variables would have had to have been altered simultaneously. . . . The importance of this controversial work is in the questions it raises about the primacy of evolution as the sole creator of life.” —Library Journal

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