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Drill Here, Drill Now, Pay Less

Publisher: Regnery Publishing • 2008 • 185 pages
Drill Here, Drill Now, Pay Less

Today’s energy crisis — with oil and gas prices skyrocketing, electricity costs rising, and the whole economy teetering on the edge of disaster as a result — is artificial. And it’s also avoidable, as is the dangerous national security crisis to which the energy crisis has led. As Newt Gingrich and Vince Haley show in “Drill Here, Drill Now, Pay Less: A Handbook for Slashing Gas Prices and Solving Our Energy Crisis,” America is gifted with enormous reserves of energy — we need not be paying four dollars a gallon for gas and wondering how soon it will be before we’re paying ten dollars a gallon, and we need not continue to be vulnerable to unreliable and potentially hostile countries.

Gingrich and Haley explain that our current energy crisis didn’t have to happen — and how it’s the result of decades of failed government policies, bureaucratic incompetence, and a system of regulation and litigation that have prevented any real development of America’s own energy supplies. They detail how the crisis does far more severe damage to our national security than most analysts realize. Even more importantly, they show how, when it comes to energy resources, America is a sleeping giant — with potentially the largest energy reserves of any country in the world. Although decades of ever-increasing anti- energy regulations have crippled our ability to produce energy, with the right policies America could rival — and even exceed — the world’s biggest energy powerhouses.

Nor is that all. Gingrich and Haley map out a roadmap for affordable, abundant American energy, and even explain how we can produce more American energy and protect the environment at the same time. They situate the energy crisis in the context of the deeper conflict between conservatives and liberals, and above all, they offer a plan of action: “What YOU Can Do to Help Win the Debate for More American Energy Now.”

Newt Gingrich separates myth from fact and issues a stirring call to action:

  • Why we must change federal law in order to allow drilling for oil and natural gas in the Alaskan National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) — and how dramatic advances in technology have made it possible to drill in ANWR without causing any significant damage to the environment
  • How every year that the offshore drilling ban remains in place is another year that Americans will needlessly pay high gas prices, with much of the profits going to foreign dictatorships
  • Why the environmentalists’ arguments against offshore drilling don’t hold water — and why environmental extremists will oppose drilling for more American oil no matter what the facts are, what the science says, or what history shows us
  • Fact: we have more energy resources than any other country in the world — our estimated shale oil resources in the Rocky Mountains alone are three times the size of Saudi Arabia’s oil reserves!
  • How we can fast track the ability of oil and natural gas companies to develop offshore oil and gas resources
  • Why Congress should immediately renegotiate the FutureGen clean coal project to get it built as rapidly as possible — and why it is utterly irrational for the Department of Energy to postpone the most advanced clean coal project in America
  • Why we need a streamlined regulatory regime and a favorable tax regime for building a new generation of safe nuclear reactors
  • Fact: of the 104 nuclear plants ever built in America, only one has suffered a serious accident — Pennsylvania’s Three Mile Island in 1979 — and even that event caused zero environmental or health problems
  • Yet another resource that could potentially transform our energy and environmental future: hydrogen
  • Fact: there is enough coal in the United States to supply America with energy for 250 years — and twice as much coal in the United States as there is in China
  • Democrats against America: how the Boxer amendment alone would have raised the price of gas by $1 a gallon at a time when family budgets were already being wrecked by high gas prices
  • How, by preventing us from drilling for more oil in America (where drilling is more environmentally sensitive than anywhere else), environmentalist wackos are effectively condoning environmental degradation in other nations that are out of sight, out of mind
  • Fact: drilling offshore would not destroy our oceans or damage our beaches, contrary to hysterical environmentalist claims

The current American energy policy is a disaster — and our government isn’t doing anything about it. It’s time for we the people to act. Drill Here, Drill Now, Pay Less is dedicated to giving you the arguments to win the debate for more American energy.

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