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The Final Days

Publisher: Regnery Publishing • 2003 • 256 pages
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“Disgraceful.” That was former president Jimmy Carter’s word for the final days of the Clinton administration. But as the late Barbara Olson shows in this riveting book, it was worse than disgraceful; it was well-nigh criminal.

Here’s the whole shocking story of a manic Clinton White House consumed with self-enrichment, gifts, pardons, federal land grabs, and an orgy of spending and regulating. If the Clinton administration was the most corrupt in American history, here was its most obscenely corrupt moment. As even Paul Goldman of the Democratic National Committee said, “Mr. Clinton didn’t just take the White House china; he took its soul and flushed it down the toilet.”

Getting the truth about Bill and Hillary Clinton isn’t easy. As even Bob Woodward of the Washington Post lamented, “If we had Clinton here on sodium pentathol [truth serum] – we might need a lot of the drug.” But under Olson’s intense, journalistic interrogation, the ultimate truth about the Clintons is revealed.

  • “Pardons for Sale”: How the Clintons used the pardon power to advance their own political and financial interests — and those of their friends, cronies and allies
  • Four outright lies Clinton told in justifying his pardons
  • Was Clinton trading pardon consideration for sexual favors, in at least one notorious case?
  • The scandalous story of Marc Rich — his connection to Castro’s Cuba, Libya’s Gaddafi … and Bill Clinton
  • How Hillary Clinton shamelessly solicited expensive gifts — a shakedown artist in a pink dress
  • How the Clintons absconded with furniture and other White House property — some historic — valued in the tens of millions
  • White House insider: it was “Mrs. Clinton herself” who ordered 70 artworks to be quietly shipped to an Arkansas warehouse
  • The four thousand pages of federal rules signed into law during the Clinton administration’s final days, including this chilling new definition of a baby: a “fetus, after delivery, that has been determined to be viable”
  • How Clinton used last-minute Executive Orders to sabotage the Bush presidency — and create potent political issues for the 2002 and 2004 elections
  • Follow the money … straight to Hillary’s campaign coffers
  • The strategic role played by the $125 million Clinton Library as a place to channel donations and reward friends
  • How the Clinton federal land grab locked up tens of millions of acres
  • The other Travelgate: how Bill Clinton’s globe-trotting cost taxpayers half a billion dollars. How he remodeled Air Force One in a way that would make Hugh Hefner green with envy
  • A pardon lawyer’s confession: “I think Clinton wanted to pardon all of them. He just can’t stand law enforcement.” And an unrepentant pardoned criminal’s confession: “It won”t really change a thing. I’m going to be mean no matter what happens.”
  • Convicted spy Jonathan Pollard on why he was overlooked for a pardon: “I should have waved a dollar bill in front of them and convinced them I had a lot of money”
  • Exactly what did Susan MacDougal do to win her pardon? And what did Webb Hubbell not do that kept him in jail?
  • What was First-Brother-In-Law Hugh Rodham up to while living round-the-clock at the White House in those final weeks?
  • Why the White House refused to consult with the Justice Department on certain pardons
  • How a controversial set of pardons earlier in Clinton’s term startlingly foreshadowed those in his final days, according to a former Justice Department pardon attorney
  • The real reason Hillary’s once-floundering Senate campaign took on new life, and achieved a near-landslide victory
  • Did Clinton deliberately deceive a government agency to gain approval for the posh Manhattan offices he wanted to rent?
  • Expensive gifts that Bill and Hillary neglected to list on the required disclosure forms — including a designer dress she was photographed wearing
  • Special treatment received by pardon candidates proposed by Clinton’s half-brother Roger
  • Justice Department official takes you inside the pardon process: “They wanted this done outside the ordinary course of business”
  • How Hillary’s brothers made a fortune advocating a pardon for a high-volume cocaine trafficker
  • How the Clintons? Vietnam-era radicalism helped determined who got out of jail free
  • Clinton’s 11th-hour obsession not just with granting pardons but also getting one — to avoid prosecution for perjury in the Paula Jones case
  • You’ve heard about tax-scamming billionaire fugitive Marc Rich. But how about these OTHER recipients of Clinton pardons?
  • The unrepentant pro-Communist terrorist who, after a string of crimes, had finally been caught with 640 pounds of explosives — enough to create a holocaust of Oklahoma City proportions
  • The former U.S. congressmen (a Democrat, naturally) who was convicted of having sex with an underage girl and laundering union political donations, among other serious crimes. Soon after his pardon, he was sighted in a chauffeured limousine
  • The “reverse Robin Hood” — and close colleague of Jesse Jackson — who used government funds slated for homeless children to buy, among other things, a fur coat and a Mercedes
  • PLUS assorted small-time crooks, quacks, scammers, frauds, tax cheats, money launderers, arms dealers and drug dealers

Think we’ve seen the last of Clinton administration depravities? Hardly. With Senator Hillary already setting her sights on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and liberal journalists busily “erasing” the nation’s memory bank of Clinton corruption, Barbara Olson’s timely reminder of the Clintons’ scandalous Final Days couldn’t be more appropriate.

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