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The Gospel of War: A SEAL Team Six Operator’s Battles in the Fight for Good over Evil

Publisher: Center Street Books • Oct. 1, 2019 • 320 pages
In the tradition of Lone Survivor and No Easy Day, an uncompromising and raw memoir of life in SEAL Team Six, soon to be an original Netflix film.
Sheffield completed hundreds of combat missions as a member of SEAL Team Six. He is one of the most experienced, effective, and deadly warriors in the world. In The Gospel of War Sheffield combines his stories of combat with his insights on love, God, and the nature of evil, insights hard won under the most challenging circumstances imaginable.
Sheffield planned and led the breathtaking rescue of kidnapped hostages from Somali pirates in 2012, one of the most complex and difficult missions ever conducted by Navy SEALs. It is through these kinds of missions that Sheffield came to understand his message for the world: we are all soldiers in a battle between good and evil and must choose each day which side we will serve.
The Gospel of War is a pulse pounding account of modern warfare by one of America’s most elite warriors.

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