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Just As I Am: The Autobiography of Billy Graham

Author: Billy Graham
Publisher: HarperCollins • 2007 • 800 pages

From farm boy to world’s best-known preacher, Billy Graham is second only to the pope in matters of spiritual influence. Just As I Am is Graham’s chronological account of his rise from his father’s North Carolina farm, to his student days at Florida Bible Institute, his first successes at evangelizing, his presidency at Northwestern Schools, the great Los Angeles crusade that launched him into national recognition, his decades of evangelizing around the world, and his encounters and relationships with political figures across the globe.

Unlike his fiery sermons, Graham speaks here in a low-key, self-deprecating tone, relating humorous anecdotes, such as his early sermon practices in a swamp, and the moral and apolitical foundation that has set his ministry apart from other well-known evangelists. Although Graham offers few insights into personal relationships with those around him or into his own struggles with faith and career, readers interested in the details of his crusades and other ministerial activities will not be disappointed.

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