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Lady in Red: An Intimate Portrait of Nancy Reagan

Author: Sheila Tate
Publisher: Crown Forum • Apr. 3, 2018 • 256 pages

Lady in Red: An Intimate Portrait of Nancy Reagan is the long-awaited collection of behind-the-scenes stories and iconic images of one of the most influential First Ladies in modern history.

Lovingly compiled by long-time close confidante and aide Sheila Tate, Lady in Red provides a rare and much-anticipated look into the personal life of Nancy Reagan from her daily routines and travels as First Lady to her friendships and deep influence in the Reagan White House.

Lady in Red depicts a nuanced portrait of this graceful yet strong woman who felt it was her mission to restore a sense of grandeur, mystique, and excitement to the presidency, showcasing the various roles that Mrs. Reagan played during her years in the White House, that of Wife, Mother, Protector, Host, Diplomat, and Advisor, among others.

The book also features twenty-four pages of gorgeous color photographs, including “Nancy’s Album,” a collection of Mrs. Reagan’s favorite photographs, which she entrusted to Sheila to share with the world after she and her beloved Ronnie had passed.

To complete the portrait, Lady in Red includes interviews with the friends and politicians who knew Mrs. Reagan best: President George H. W. Bush, Chris Wallace, James Baker, Ed Meese, Maureen Dowd, and Marlin Fitzwater share their most cherished memories of the First Lady.

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