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Let’s Chat About Economics: Basic Principles Through Everyday Scenarios

Publisher: Gichigami Press, Inc. • November 10, 2014 • 48 pages

Children are economists, it s time to chat about it! Economics is the study of choices people make to be happy. Kids do this each day when they decide which shirt to wear, which TV show to watch or what to eat for lunch. In making these choices, they are using the economic principles of scarcity, supply, demand, opportunity costs and diminishing returns.

Now is the perfect time to chat with your child about economics and prominent economist Dr. Arthur Laffer shows you how to get started. Written for families of elementary-age children, Let’s Chat About Economics identifies and illustrates basic economic principles through familiar scenarios.

This book provides a framework for adults (parents, grandparents and teachers) to discuss economics with young children and continue these observations and conversations throughout life. Children will recognize economics in action through everyday examples like shopping for groceries, planning a family trip, saving allowance and buying the latest, must-have tech gadget. When children understand the basic economic principles, they have a solid foundation of how the world works and can apply the same reasoning to make choices that serve their goals and unique purpose.

Don’t waste another minute, start chatting about economics with the children in your life today!

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