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Let’s Chat about Democracy: Exploring Forms of Government in a Treehouse

Publisher: Gichigami Press, Inc. • Mar. 1, 2018 • 48 pages

Ever wanted to explain democracy to your kids, but aren’t sure how? Look no farther than Let’s Chat about Democracy: Exploring Forms of Government in a Treehouse!

It’s Memorial Day weekend when Danny and Maria move to a new town with a giant treehouse. The children spend long summer days with their new friends in the community park but are challenged to find a fair way for everyone to enjoy the treehouse.

With a little guidance from Mrs. Quinn, the ever-present park volunteer, Danny, Maria and their friends explore monarchy, anarchy, dictatorship and communism only to find that these options lack freedom and choice. Through their own experiences the children decide that democracy is truly the best form of governing the treehouse and celebrate their newly-found freedom on Independence Day!

Let’s Chat About Democracy is an enthusiastic and patriotic story for both children and adults. In addition to a delightful story set in a treehouse, readers are provided with the Pledge of Allegiance, Preamble to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Written for families of elementary-age children, Let’s Chat About Democracy is the second book in the Let’s Chat About series from Michelle Balconi, economist Dr. Arthur Laffer and illustrator Mary Cindrich. This series of books provides a framework based upon fun stories and real terms for adults and young children to discuss economics, democracy and immigration and then continue these conversations throughout life.

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