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Little Teammate

Publisher: Morgan James Kids • Apr. 18, 2017 • 38 pages

Little Teammate is the story of a child who experiences a father’s unconditional love through the game of baseball. The story contrasts two memorable moments, set one week apart: Little Teammate steps up to the plate with a chance to win the game.

In the first game, Little Teammate’s home run wins the game. The father’s response is delight in his child. In the second game, Little Teammate’s strikeout loses the game. The father’s response is delight in his child, which surprises and confounds Little Teammate.

The reassuring words of the Father– I love you when you hit the ball. I love you when you miss the ball. I love you because you are my Little Teammate— illustrates the ideal of unconditional love that parents strive to show their children….and that their children are desperate to experience.

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