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Painting the Map Red: The Fight to Create a Permanent Republican Majority

Author: Hugh Hewitt
• 2006 • 256 pages

Disaster looms on the horizon: the elections of November 2006 are shaping up to be as disastrous for the GOP as the elections of 1994 were for the Democrats. Yet most GOP insiders seem unaware of the party’s political peril — or they’re resigned to the prospect of a catastrophic defeat. But Hugh Hewitt isn’t ready to give up. In “Painting the Map Red,” he outlines a detailed strategy for how the GOP can snatch victory from the jaws of defeat this fall, and explains why victory this year — and again in 2008 — is more urgent than ever.

Conservatives might be surprised to hear that 2006 is shaping up so ominously. After all, the Clinton-era brush with Hillarycare and the post-9/11 evidence that the Democrats can’t be trusted to fight (or win) the War on Terror should have cemented Republican ascendancy for a generation to come, right? Unfortunately, wrong. Hewitt explains why even though most Americans agree with the Republicans on crucial policy positions, they could still lose in ’06 — and lose badly. After all, in 2004 John Kerry was almost elected President, and nothing has happened since then to persuade those who voted for him that they were wrong.

Hewitt explains why expert analysts see dark clouds for the GOP in 2006: Disarray in the Senate. Scandals in the House. A fanatic opposition that’s boiling with anger at having been beaten like a drum for three straight elections — and that is now even angrier that none of those it has tagged with politically motivated corruption charges have gone to jail. Then there’s the Soros money machine still out there, using McCain-Feingold’s legacy of 527s to pour massive amounts of money into every race that’s even close. And perhaps worst of all, there’s a mainstream media that hates Bush and will not play fair in its efforts to destroy the Republican nominee and use 2006 to position Hillary as a shoo-in for 2008.

Nonetheless, Hewitt says there is still time — not just to avoid devastating losses, but even for the Republicans to make significant gains. He shows how the GOP can learn how to fight as hard for its political advantage as the Democrats do, how to use television and the control of the calendar to maneuver for advantage, how to nationalize the election, and how to get the base back into the game. He even outlines the values that motivate majorities in various regions across the United States, and shows how Republicans can prove that they will best defend those values.

Hewitt shows that the mainstream political left in this country is far more radical than it has ever been in the past and thoroughly dominates the Democratic Party – and that because of that dominance, it is not safe for the country to entrust any of its major institutions to the control of the Democrats. The Republican Party is still our nation’s strongest source of defense of the Constitution, strong national security, economic growth, and personal liberty. As the elections of 2006 approach, only one party can save America. This is a book of goals, strategy, tactics, message, and leadership. It’s an indispensable handbook to help you convince others to vote accordingly.

From Hugh Hewitt’s strategy for Republican victory:

  • Why the 2006 elections may be the most crucial midterm contest in American history
  • What the goal of the 2006 elections must be for conservatives, Republicans, and every American who wants to win the war and continue economic expansion
  • The president’s greatest strength — and the Democrats’ greatest weakness
  • The five messages that every Republican candidate needs to internalize and repeat, every talk show host needs to know and to preach, and every conservative opinion purveyor needs to embrace wholeheartedly
  • How, with Congress beyond their reach and the presidency usually in Republican hands, Democrats have figured out how to hold on to power
  • How Republicans should respond when Howard Dean declares, as he did in late December, that the war in Iraq cannot be won
  • The “culture of corruption” theme being developed by Democratic leadership for the 2006 campaigns: how Republicans can play defense
  • The albatross around the Democrats’ necks — and how a successful campaign can be waged to call popular attention to it
  • The coming six-month brawl between those serious about the War on Terror and their opponents in the Democratic Party and the media establishment: how the Republicans can win
  • Why the Republican Party must nationalize the election, making every Senate and Congressional contest a part of a national referendum on a single central value — supported by the appeals of individual candidates to regional values of regional significance
  • Four crucial policy steps that will help the Republicans achieve a permanent majority
  • The most shocking of all the Democratic rhetorical excesses of last year — and why Republicans must not let voters forget it
  • How the Democrats and the liberal media have done little to disguise their heartfelt suspicion of American military power and the American military – and how Republicans can turn this to their advantage
  • Same-sex marriage: why this is such a crucial issue, and needs to be argued out in public
  • Eight tips for how conservative candidates can parry media attacks and present an attractive face to the public
  • The Internet: how it has proven to be a horrible factor within the Democratic Party and a severe hindrance to the chances of Democratic candidates
  • The demand for secure borders: why it is not nativist and cannot be set aside
  • The Democrats’ anti-religious bigotry, hatred of Christianity and open war on religious conservatives — and why it all could spell electoral suicide for them
  • How the Left always overreaches – and each time more and more Americans realize that the arch-liberals dominating the Democratic Party have bad ideas, bad intentions and terrible ethics
  • The Hillary-Obama ticket: the last chance for the Democrats to reclaim the White House in the foreseeable future — and how Republicans can keep that from happening

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