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Party of Defeat: How Democrats and Radicals Undermined America’s War on Terror Before and After 9-11

Publisher: Spence • 2008 • 200 pages

What is legitimate criticism of military policy in wartime? When does criticism cross the line and undermine the national interest? In “Party of Defeat,” David Horowitz and Ben Johnson show that the American Left, led by Democrats, now routinely crosses that line — and the consequences could be disastrous.

Their candid and explosive reporting forces us to confront the consequences of these unprecedented attacks on the US war effort. Examining the anti-war arguments of Democratic leaders like Al Gore and Nancy Pelosi, Horowitz and Johnson reveal: The Left’s fundamental misunderstanding of our Islamic enemy — and how their antipathy to the American cause has its roots in the Vietnam War

  • How, as radical Islam emerged in the 1970s, it found an ally in a left-wing establishment now thoroughly conditioned to “blame America first”
  • How our failure to confront the Islamic thugs who humiliated us in Iran only encouraged the increasingly aggressive — and deadly — Islamist movement that eventually drew us into full-scale war
  • Why the cowardice and neglect of the Carter and Clinton years pale in comparison with the Democrats’ defection from the war in Iraq — a war they first authorized then abandoned
  • How this betrayal of our forces in the field has opened a domestic front in our country’s fight against an enemy fanatically devoted to our extermination

“Eye-opening” ? “Brilliant” ? “Riveting” ” ‘Party of Defeat’ is an eye-opening account of one of the greatest political betrayals in American history: the unprecedented attack by leaders of an opposition party on a war they authorized and on America’s commander-in-chief while America?s troops were still in harm’s way.” — SEAN HANNITY, Fox News Channel anchor

“Candid. Brilliant. Forceful. Brave. Do not miss under any circumstances.” — R. JAMES WOOLSEY (former CIA Director)

“David Horowitz and Ben Johnson have written a timely and important analysis of the American political debate over the war on terror.” — Ambassador JOHN BOLTON

“A must read for every American who cares about the security of the United States.” — Rep. GINNY BROWN-WAITE (R-FL)

“Brilliant, factual and historic, David Horowitz and Ben Johnson have documented how and why the Democratic leadership split the nation in the global war on terror. It will be judged as the seminal book on an unprecedented attack against America?s president and military in combat. Every American must read this book.” — Lieutenant General THOMAS McINERNEY, USAF (Ret.)

“Having been one of David Horowitz’s more severe critics as a young officer in the foxholes of Vietnam, I can say with some authority that he is now bringing a message of national importance to the American people.” — Major General JAMES E. LIVINGSTON, USMC (Ret.), Recipient of the Medal of Honor

“David Horowitz and Ben Johnson explain in detail the unprecedented attacks on a sitting President and expose the lack of understanding at the highest levels about the nature of our enemy. This book must be read by all Americans.” — Major General PAUL VALLELY, USA (Ret.)

“In concise and riveting fashion, David Horowitz and Ben Johnson have laid out a bill of particulars against an anti-war Left whose efforts to undermine the terror war are little short of treasonous. It offers a stark reminder of the folly of fighting a war on two fronts: one on the streets and battle fields of Iraq, the other here at home against ourselves.” — JOEL SURNOW, creator of 24

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