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Persecution: How Liberals Are Waging War Against Christianity

Publisher: Regnery Publishing • 2004 • 464 pages

Persecution — that’s the name for it.

Tolerance might be the highest virtue in our popular culture, but it doesn’t often extend to Christians these days.

Christians are increasingly being driven from public life, denied their First Amendment rights, and even actively discriminated against for their beliefs.

In this relentless exposé of political correctness run amok, best-selling author David Limbaugh rips apart the liberal hypocrisy that condones selective mistreatment of Christians in the mainstream media, Hollywood, our schools and universities, and throughout our public life.

In Persecution you’ll enter the hotly contested battle for the soul of our public schools. Here are appalling — but true — stories of how anti-Christian social engineers not only prohibit school prayer and forbid students from wearing Christian symbols, like a simple cross, but even expunge the real story of Christianity in America from history textbooks. Worse still, in the name of “diversity,” “tolerance,” “multiculturalism,” and “sex education,” the social engineers actively inculcate hatred of Christianity as ignorant, repressive, and offensive. Not exactly the agenda of most parents whose tax dollars support the public schools.

Looking honestly at the dominant influence of Christianity in America’s colonial culture and schools, where the Bible was routinely used as a textbook, Limbaugh makes a compelling case that the education students receive today is not what the Founders would have endorsed. Indeed, they would have been outraged at what is taught — and what the courts say — in their name, under the pretext of the non-constitutional and woefully misunderstood phrase: “separation of church and state.”

Limbaugh zeroes in on how activist judges misinterpret and misapply the Constitution to eliminate Christianity from American government and public life. He reveals a society-wide disinformation campaign that has successfully obscured, for many people, what the Constitution actually says about religious freedom. While allegedly promoting religious freedom, liberals actually suppress it.

Providing details of case after shocking case, Limbaugh demonstrates that the anti-Christian forces now controlling significant portions of our society aggressively target the slightest hint of public Christianity for discrimination, yet ardently encourage the spread of secular values — including “alternative sexuality” and promiscuity.

Limbaugh cuts cleanly through this confusion and distortion, exploring the deeply held Christian faith of the Founding Fathers, and showing that Christianity and Judeo-Christian principles are essential — and were recognized by the Founders as essential — to the unique political liberties Americans enjoy.

Persecution is an indispensable tool to help Christians reclaim their right (and duty) to enter the political arena and to try to influence the course of this country. It helps every liberty-loving citizen to champion what America is supposed to be about-religious freedom.

Among the evidence presented here that those who hate Christianity are firmly in power:

How the courts and the media establishment have established the modern idea of separation of Church and state, despite the fact that it’s found nowhere in the Constitution or any other founding document!

Chief Justice Rehnquist’s ringing (but unsuccessful) argument proving that the Establishment Clause didn’t require the public sector to be “insulated from all things which may have religious significance or origin”

How the education establishment vigorously endorses and promotes values that most Christians find repugnant — in violation of the Constitutional protection of free exercise of religion!

Three false assumptions you have to make in order to accept the Supreme Court’s argument that prayer in schools is unconstitutional

Historians at America’s best universities: obsessed with sex while busy purging all mention of Christianity from our history books

The California public school that forced seventh grade students to pretend they were Muslims, pray in the name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful, and chant “praise to Allah, Lord of Creation”

Sex education in public schools: evidence that it has promoted, not prevented, sexual promiscuity among teenagers

Six ways the media establishment has energetically promoted homosexuality as normal

How colleges and universities regularly fire (or decline to hire) Christian professors — and even Christian sports coaches

Churches: how anti-Christian bureaucrats have targeted them using fire, safety, and zoning laws — and even sicced the IRS on them

California’s state legislature: the law it passed allowing a teenage boy to report his foster parents for a civil-rights violation if they refused to let him dress like a girl

“With passion and precision, David Limbaugh provides overwhelming evidence of discrimination against Christians in America. From the courtroom to the schoolroom to the newsroom, Persecution exposes the hypocrisy and bigotry of the secular, anti-Christian Left. Limbaugh’s meticulously researched book is a devastating indictment of liberal intolerance — and a call to arms for all true believers of religious liberty to reclaim their rightful place in the public square.” — MICHELLE MALKIN

“David Limbaugh brings a lawyer’s mind and a Christian’s heart to his subject. While Jesus said to expect persecution if we live for Him, that doesn’t absolve the persecutors from responsibility for their hypocritical actions, especially when they claim to be the champions of tolerance, diversity, pluralism and academic freedom.” — CAL THOMAS

“At last — some sense in the Church/State debate! In his great new book Persecution, David Limbaugh shows how liberals have undermined our Constitution and are waging undeclared war on the very people — Americans of faith — who have made America the beacon of freedom and justice that it is. Buy this book, read it, and send a copy to every politician, judge, and Supreme Court Justice you can find.” — SEAN HANNITY

“Often the people who clamor for tolerance are among the most intolerant people in our society. David Limbaugh documents this in his new book, Persecution — in particular, the intolerance against Christians. This book is sorely needed in our day when the only ‘acceptable’ prejudice of our day is the bias against Christians.” — D. JAMES KENNEDY

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