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Private Offerings: A Silicon Valley Novel (Book 1)

Author: Ann Bridges
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing • Sept. 15, 2015 • 304 pages

“2015 BEST BUSINESS FICTION” – Wealth Management Magazine

ANN BRIDGES integrates her vast Silicon Valley executive experience into the popular new genre of “Business Fiction.” Her intimate knowledge of boardroom decisions at emerging technology companies brings authenticity to her intelligent, sexy dramas, with a fast-paced style and relatable characters.

Silicon Valley entrepreneur Eric Coleman hires struggling public relations consultant Lynn Baker to accomplish his chance of a lifetime. Dreaming of a successful Wall Street IPO, he is unaware they are jumping into a morass of behind-the-scenes deal-making threatening both their companies.

When a software bug delays their carefully crafted plans, they confront insiders’ power plays from Manhattan to Beijing, and uncover turmoil and greed of unimagined proportions. Ultimately, Eric’s past commitments run headlong into Lynn’s secrets, and thrust them between competing Chinese and American interests to control his innovative technology—and the global supremacy it brings.

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