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The Professors: The 101 Most Dangerous Academics in America

Publisher: Regnery Publishing • 2013 • 448 pages
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Remember Ward Churchill, the Colorado professor who compared the victims of 9/11 to Nazis and said they deserved what they got? Well, he’s just the tip of the iceberg. In fact, writes bestselling author and academic reformer David Horowitz, radical professors like Churchill aren’t the exception at American colleges and universities — they’re legion.

Now, in “The Professors,” Horowitz blows the cover off 101 university professors — representative of thousands more that teach our young people — who:

  • preach violent anti-Americanism and anti-Semitism
  • say they want to kill white people
  • cheer on the killing of American soldiers
  • promote the views of the Iranian mullahs
  • support Osama bin Laden
  • lament the demise of the Soviet Union
  • defend pedophilia
  • . . . all the while living off tax and tuition dollars, and college endowments.

Far from being marginal figures, the 101 academics whose ideas and teaching practices are exposed here span the broad spectrum of American higher education and include many leaders of the academic profession — including departmental chairs (like Churchill himself), academic prize winners, and the heads of professional groups like the American Historical Association and the Modern Languages Association. Some of them are present or former members of terrorist cells; others are convicted criminals, pedophiles, Communists, racists, and anti-Semites. They teach at schools ranging from the private elites like Columbia, Duke, Georgetown, Harvard, Penn, Princeton, and Stanford to the large public universities in states like California, Florida, Indiana, Michigan, New York, Pennsylvania and Texas. And, while some have set up their own pseudo-academic fields like “Peace Studies,” “Queer Studies,” and “Whiteness Studies,” most spread their hateful propaganda under cover of traditional disciplines such as history, English, economics, and anthropology.

Some of the 101 professors exposed by David Horowitz:

  • The Northeastern University professor who likens the 9/11 terrorists to America’s Founding Fathers — and claims that al Qaeda’s jihad is a defensive one against the West
  • The Berkeley professor who supports the Ayatollah Khomeni
  • The self-described “civil liberties activist” who acts as North American head of Palestine Islamic Jihad — a terrorist group responsible for the suicide bombing murders of more than 100 civilians in the Middle East
  • The New York sociology professor who warned his fellow academics that their light workloads are under attack by “right-wingers” who “want us to put our noses to the grindstone just like everybody else”
  • The University of Pennsylvania law professor who believes that the black community should accommodate criminal behavior and find a “good middle ground between straightness and more extreme forms of lawbreaking”
  • The unrepentant former Weathermen leader (“I don’t regret setting bombs. I feel we didn’t do enough.”) who teaches Early Childhood Education at the University of Illinois
  • The black professor-poet who openly advocates killing white men and raping white women — and has been showered with academic honors and appointments
  • The author of a widely used “Peace Studies” textbook that endorses revolutionary violence, citing Cuba as proof “that violent revolutions can sometimes result in generally improved living conditions for many people”
  • The University of California professor who calls for an “Intifada” in America, citing the Koranic verse, “the Day of Judgment will never happen until you fight the Jews . . . and the stones will say, ‘Oh Muslim, there is a Jew hiding behind me. Come and kill him!'”
  • The Stanford University professor who refers to jihadist suicide bombers as “martyrs” and denounces America on Al-Jazeera TV
  • The Penn State English professor who believes that teaching literature should be aimed at bringing about “economic transformations”
  • The former Black Panther leader, now a prominent law professor, who teaches that “racist and white supremacist and exploitative practices are engrained” in American society and government
  • The Columbia University professor who called for a “million Mogadishus” — the 1993 military ambush in Somalia that killed 18 Americans
  • The criminology professor at the University of Colorado who gives final exams that require students to “Make the case for gay marriage” and to explain why the United States liberation of Iraq is “criminal”
  • The Washington state professor who helped found the separatist organization MEChA, which seeks to establish an independent Hispanic state, “Atzlan,” in the American Southwest
  • The University of Oregon professor who considers the collapse of the Soviet empire a setback for human progress
  • The City University of New York professor who teaches that blacks are morally and culturally superior to whites, and that “Jews are a race of skunks and animals that stole Africa from the Black Man”
  • The California State University department chairman — and creator of the African-American holiday Kwanzaa — who was convicted in 1971 of torturing two female members of his radical organization
  • The education professor who teaches that rap music is an effective tool for teaching English literacy to school children, and that proper English is the language of white “oppressors”
  • The University of Michigan anthropology professor — recipient of a Woman of the Year award from a sadomasochist-rights groups — who argues that the government’s crackdown on child molesters is a “savage and undeserved witch hunt”
  • The widely respected “queen of queer theory” who teaches that literary texts are little more than embodiments of radical political causes
  • The Brooklyn College professor who calls religious people “moral retards,” and characterizes America as a “fascist state”

The 101 portraits in The Professors also reveal several disturbing patterns of university life, including: promotion far beyond academic achievement; teaching subjects outside one’s professional area for the purpose of political propaganda; making racist and ethnically disparaging remarks with impunity, as long as those remarks are directed at unprotected groups such as whites and Christians; the overt introduction of political agendas into the classroom; and the abandonment of any pretense of academic discipline or scholarly inquiry.

David Horowitz’s riveting exposé is essential reading for parents, students, college alums, taxpayers, and patriotic Americans who don’t think college students should be indoctrinated by radicals opposed to everything that sustains our nation and our civilization.

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