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Red Dragon Rising: Communist China’s Military Threat to America

• 2012 • 300 pages

“The East Wind shall prevail over the West Wind,” prophesied Mao Zedong. Lest you think Mao’s successors have departed from his philosophy, consider that the latest Chinese long-range nuclear missiles are called the “East Wind” series.

Sound threatening? You’re right, and Edward Timberlake and William Triplett II (Year of the Rat) back up your gut feelings with solid evidence amassed over five long years. Using the Freedom of Information Act, the authors break new ground, revealing startling Chinese military achievements that include a proliferation threat to Europe, the development of exotic new space-based weapons, and remarkable advances in potentially devastating information warfare.When Indian Prime Minister Rao met with Sen. Larry Pressler in May 1994 (at midnight, on Capitol Hill) and told Pressler that the US and China would be at war within 10 years, he was dead serious. If only a fraction of this book is on the money, America is about to be stunned by the emergence of a Communist superpower, armed with the most modern nuclear and conventional arms—a superpower harboring darker ambitions and wielding greater strength than the former Soviet Union.

Have Timberlake and Triplett come up with the ultimate right-wing scare story? Not even close. Their documentation is enough to convince the most ecstatic liberal. We suggest you sit down before reading on. Mind-opening. A few of the sparks Timberlake and Triplett let fly

  • A surprise Chinese attack against the US? Disturbing reasons why it is the most likely scenario. (Only we rule it out)
  • The Tiananmen massacre? a classic urban military operation.
  • How the Chinese intelligence and military machines have really operated since then, helped along by friends Bill and Al
  • China’s rapid military buildup in the strategic Spratly Islands? key elements in a planned invasion of Taiwan?
  • How the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) could soon begin sporadic ‘electronic’ looting of American bank accounts, transferring the funds overseas
  • The Chinese supersonic sea-skimming missile? a nightmare for American naval planners in the Persian Gulf.
  • And the nightmare doesn’t end there
    • The PLA business empire, with 600,00 employees, funneling poison gas, germ weapons, nuclear weapons, and ballistic and cruise missiles to the world’s most brutal terrorist regimes
    • Russia’s massive military transfers to China
    • How Libya’s Qadhafi, with Chinese help, could terrorize all of Western Europe by 2006
    • Those ordinary civilian products you purchase, say, from Wal-Mart. Do you know how many were made in PLA-owned factories? (The profits plowed back into the, er, ‘business,’ of course)
    • Information warfare: America’s most guarded military secret. Why we are the most vulnerable country to China’s threat in this important area
    • PLA weapons programs in progress: strategic, stealth, particle beam, composite materials, and microwave weapons capable of threatening any country
    • China’s slow takeover of Burma. Which countries could be next
    • Identified: major arms deals and how China violates its arms controls commitments
    • Today’s PLA: dominated by a generation of war fighters who are veterans of successful conflicts against American armed forces
    • How warfare will change in the next decade and why China stands to benefit the most
    • The 21st-century Chinese war-machine, already under construction, financed in large part by the West

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