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Speechless: Silencing the Christians

Publisher: Richard Vigilante Books • 2009 • 256 pages

“For as long as I can remember,” says Ann Coulter in her Foreword to this book, “liberals have been running around in a state of indignation, shouting that the government is being taken over by a dangerous band of religious fanatics who want to abolish the First Amendment, establish a national religion, force their bizarre sexual morality on children in public schools, rewrite the nation’s laws to enforce their personal moral preferences, and punish anyone who dissents from their views. Unfortunately it’s all true. That’s precisely what liberals are trying to do.” In “Speechless: Silencing the Christians,” Rev. Donald Wildmon, President of the American Family Association, introduces you to the Christian bashers: an unsavory alliance of whacked-out hard-Left secularists, fanatical homosexual activists, and short-sighted Fortune 500 companies with their eyes only on the bottom line. Together, although for reasons for their own, they’re waging a full-throttle unholy war on Christianity. Wildmon explains in this shocking book what this unlikely anti- Christian coalition wants — and why they must push Christians out of the way in order to get it. Wildmon points out that these Christian bashers say they want tolerance — but because they have realized that they can achieve their goals only by driving Christians out of public life, their real goal is to silence any opposition.

In Speechless, he demonstrates the truly frightening lengths to which they will go in order to marginalize Christianity and muzzle Christians. He reveals the full, appalling extent of this anti-Christian campaign, from the mother who was not allowed to read her son’s favorite Bible verse in kindergarten to Christians who have actually been arrested and threatened with prison terms for expressing their belief that homosexual behavior is immoral. Wildmon introduces you the seventh-grade public school students who were forced to follow Muslim rituals and recite Islamic prayers, and to the church that was told by the government that it must perform lesbian marriages — and all that is just the beginning. For as shocking as these cases are, Wildmon shows that they are small incidents in a much larger and more frightening story. The powerful interest groups that are working in America to silence Christians, explains Wildmon, have very real interests, very real desires at stake — desires that, as usual, come down to sex, money, and power. Yet even though these groups have been fighting against Christianity for more than a generation, most Christians don’t have the faintest idea that their war against Christianity is even going on. And Wildmon explains why Christians winning one court case, or a dozen court cases — as important as that could be — will not stop or even seriously inconvenience the forces that want to render Christians speechless.

In Speechless, you’ll discover:

  • How Christians are being silenced all across America: in the political debate, the workplace, and even in churches
  • How, if same sex marriage becomes the law of the land, all churches will eventually be forced to choose between “marrying” same-sex couples or lose their right to perform marriages at all
  • Why same-sex marriage laws will raise sodomy to the same legally protected status as race — making any criticism of homosexuality something that would put employees, employers, pastors and others at legal risk and expose them to cultural ostracism
  • How proposed federal laws supposedly aimed at preventing employment discrimination against homosexuals (although such discrimination is almost non-existent today) could make already rampant Fortune 500 discrimination against Christians the law of the land — and even make it illegal for Christian churches to carry on their charitable works
  • The chapel in a veterans’ hospital that was stripped of all religious symbols — including the cross and the Bible
  • How “diversity” and “anti-bullying” programs are being used to promote homosexuality in public schools
  • The man who was charged with hate crimes because he wrote a letter to the editor of his local newspaper criticizing homosexuality as immoral
  • Employees of Fortune 500 companies: fired for quoting the Scriptures — or told that displaying family pictures in their cubicles could be offensive to homosexual employees
  • The shocking and disquieting reason why Catholic Charities in Massachusetts, which at one time was one of the largest adoption agencies in the state, decided to shut down its operations entirely
  • How, all across the country, students are being told they can’t make any reference to God in assignments or speeches — or even in classroom discussions
  • The municipal workers who were told that saying the words “family values” was a hate crime
  • The valedictorian whose graduation speech was cut short when she dared to mention Jesus Christ
  • The IRS: How, under pressure from liberal secularists and homosexual lobbyists, it’s cracking down on Christian pastors who dare to criticize politicians who advocate homosexual propaganda in schools, abortion on demand, same sex marriage and other positions that fly in the face of Christian beliefs
  • Christians who have actually been threatened with prison — just for protesting the homosexual agenda
  • The homosexual agenda: to make homosexuals part of an elite class of super-citizens whose moral views and interests will be actively sponsored by the state — while Christians will be second-class citizens at best, with their views censored, penalized and even prosecuted
  • How secularist liberals are pushing hard to reinstate the Fairness Doctrine, empowering the government to monitor all radio and television broadcasts for religious or political content — and giving the government power to censor or bankrupt Christian broadcasters
  • Why liberal secularists and their homosexual activist allies go to such lengths to persecute Christians even though they already constitute a political, economic, and cultural elite in our society

Wildmon details how over the past few years, this struggle has accelerated and intensified. Now their real agenda is out in the open — for those with eyes to see, yet most Christians remain asleep and unprepared. Don’t be! Read Speechless.

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