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The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin

Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing • 1791 • 252 pages
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Benjamin Franklin was the most famous American of his age—a world-renowned inventor, essayist, philosopher, and diplomat—and his classic Autobiography, published after his death, is one of the greatest of all time. In his delightfully characteristic prose, Franklin recounts his life from his early apprenticeship days to his election as the official printer of Pennsylvania and New Jersey to his famed electrical experiments. Included are his daily agenda for a life of virtue and the story behind “Poor Richard’s Almanac,” one of the most popular books in America at that time. Readers will enjoy following the course of Franklin?s early life and discovering the experiences that made Franklin one of early America’s most uniquely fascinating personalities.

Franklin is often known as America’s Founding Grandfather, and Dr. Mark Skousen, an eighth-generation grandson of Franklin, here provides a thoroughly researched and informative introduction to Franklin’s original text.

A must-read for everyone interested in American history, Franklin’s engaging autobiography paints a vivid portrait, in his own words, of the man who would become one of America’s most beloved Founding Fathers.

A sample of the humor and wisdom of America’s Founding Grandfather:

  • On self-improvement: “A benevolent man should allow a few faults in himself, to keep his friends in countenance.”
  • On the importance of good character: “I grew convinc’d that truth, sincerity, and integrity in dealings between man and man were of the utmost importance to the felicity of life.”
  • On charity: “The most acceptable service of God is doing good to man.”

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