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The Darkness of Globalism: Exposing the Vicious, Violent, Murdering Ideology

by Colton Weston, Published August 3, 2017
206 Pages
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The Darkness of Globalism: Exposing the Vicious, Violent, Murdering Ideology

by Colton Weston, Published August 3, 2017
206 Pages

Globalism is the darling of political elites and the loony left wing, a credo they cling to despite what every blue-collar American knows: that the thoughtless and blinkered drive toward globalism has devastated America’s working class.

Who stands for globalism? The entertainment industry, which thrives on pushing left-wing agendas. The educational system, supporting and growing new liberals, must also share the blame. Many foreign power love globalism, reveling as it chips away at American prosperity and power. Bankers and financial hotshots also favor it, putting personal wealth above patriotism.

Against this dizzying array of foes stands the average American citizen, whose patriotic voice has been drowned out in the cries of globalism and political correctness. These voices are slowly being heard—Donald J. Trump’s historic presidential win illustrates that.

Colton Weston, himself a blue-collar conservative, offers a searing indictment of globalism supported by facts, logic, and reason. He sees the damage globalism has done to American sovereignty and offers hope for a brighter future—where Americans can once more stand proud.

It’s time to turn from the damaging march of globalism to start putting America first again—to demand a return to conservative values, common sense, and constitutional government.

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About Colton Weston

Colton Weston is a blue-collar entrepreneur and American patriot. He is also a steadfast Donald Trump supporter and has supported him since he announced he was running for president in 2015.


  1. bloxorz

    I’m thoroughly enjoying your blog. I too am an aspiring blog writer but I’m still new to the whole thing. Do you have any helpful hints for newbie blog writers? I’d certainly appreciate it.

    November 3, 2017,3:45 am

  2. Sylvia Post

    The globalists and all the other elitists who want to have all control do it,I know for money , In they’re selfish thinking what about their grandchildren and their children.For their greed, their off spring will or may suffer. President Trump I believe was sent by our maker to help make sense to all this madness. It’s too bad so many people are so dumb they can’t see this. I find it so hard to believe there are so many dumb people\! God help us all! Sylvia

    September 20, 2017,1:24 am

  3. Linh Kiều

    Oh yes the problem i need to find. Your article provides useful information that i am looking for. I will often visit this site.

    September 16, 2017,5:09 am

  4. Shelba Herring

    America needs globalism like we need another obama or a hole in the head so all our brains can leak out, leftist skipped the brain category (they were too bust bragging about how important they were) when God made the call for brains leftist was too busy to listen, they thought he said rains and they all hid so they would not get any

    August 29, 2017,1:56 am

  5. Richard E Smith

    I look forward to reading Colton’s book. I hope progressive American’s are looking at the job reports and the stock market since President Trump took office. He’s having a profound, positive impact on the American worker. They should ask themselves why that is; American jobs create wealth for all people. Now if we can only get the dead-beat half of America that Obama put on the couch back to work and off the dole, America will in fact be GREAT once again.

    August 28, 2017,7:41 pm

  6. William RAMSBURG


    August 23, 2017,5:34 pm

  7. Will

    Goebbelism must be stopped at all cost

    August 23, 2017,4:34 pm

  8. David Bisenius

    Globalism is what traitors soros ,kilarey and obummer all want. A few eletists to control the world and make the rest of us slaves.

    August 23, 2017,4:12 pm

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