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The Darkness of Globalism: Exposing the Vicious, Violent, Murdering Ideology

• August 3, 2017 • 206 pages

Globalism is the darling of political elites and the loony left wing, a credo they cling to despite what every blue-collar American knows: that the thoughtless and blinkered drive toward globalism has devastated America’s working class.

Who stands for globalism? The entertainment industry, which thrives on pushing left-wing agendas. The educational system, supporting and growing new liberals, must also share the blame. Many foreign power love globalism, reveling as it chips away at American prosperity and power. Bankers and financial hotshots also favor it, putting personal wealth above patriotism.

Against this dizzying array of foes stands the average American citizen, whose patriotic voice has been drowned out in the cries of globalism and political correctness. These voices are slowly being heard—Donald J. Trump’s historic presidential win illustrates that.

Colton Weston, himself a blue-collar conservative, offers a searing indictment of globalism supported by facts, logic, and reason. He sees the damage globalism has done to American sovereignty and offers hope for a brighter future—where Americans can once more stand proud.

It’s time to turn from the damaging march of globalism to start putting America first again—to demand a return to conservative values, common sense, and constitutional government.

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