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The Force of Reason

Publisher: Rizzoli • 2006 • 290 pages
The Force of Reason

Europe is rapidly being lost to Islam, says Oriana Fallaci, and the free world seems neither to notice nor to care. Fallaci, the world-famous journalist whose “The Rage and the Pride” was a stirring post-September 11 manifesto of resistance to the global jihad, now follows up that international bestseller with “The Force of Reason.” This new book is a powerfully written, deeply felt call to all people who value freedom to take notice of what’s happening to Europe before it’s too late. Unrestricted immigration is allowing the totalitarian, supremacist ideology of Islamic jihad to take root there — and the end result could be the total conquest and Islamization of the very nations in which Christendom first grew and flourished.

Full of Fallaci’s trademark passion, verve, and plain speaking (including some salty language), “The Force of Reason” begins by recounting some of the many attacks and death threats Fallaci received after the publication of The Rage and the Pride, and the supine reaction of European authorities in their wake. Indeed, many European authorities piled onto the bandwagon calling for Fallaci to be censored or worse – showing the deep inroads that Islamic intimidation has already made in Europe’s traditional respect for free speech and free expression. It has gotten so bad that Fallaci identifies herself with Master Cecco, the author of a heretical book who was burned at the stake during the Inquisition: the new secular Inquisitors, she says, are rigorously enforcing a stifling conformity of thought that prevents any open or honest discussion of the dark implications of wholesale Muslim immigration into Europe.

Likening what is happening in Europe today to the burning of Troy, Fallaci shows why Europe is already hardly recognizable as the home and birthplace of Western civilization: it is already Eurabia, a place where Islamic polygamy is commonplace, government officials jockey to outdo each other in obsequiousness before their rapidly growing Islamic immigrant populations, treasured European landmarks are threatened with destruction because they “offend Muslims,” and the Catholic Church and forces of the Left and Right alike seem more interested in accommodating the New Islamic Order rather than challenging and resisting it. Although she calls herself a “Christian atheist,” she passionately identifies the cause of freedom both in Europe and around the world with Christianity, and appeals to all free people to awaken to what is happening in Europe and to act to save it — if there is still time.

How Europe is quickly turning into Eurabia:

  • Why the destruction of Western landmarks by jihad terrorism is not the ultimate objective of violent Muslims today
  • Creeping Islamization in Europe — including absurd manifestations such as the acceptance for identification purposes of photos of women with their faces and hair covered by Islamic headgear
  • Misplaced attempts at accommodation — including the French bishop who cheerfully sold a chapel to Muslim immigrants, who promptly destroyed it for the glory of Allah
  • How Somali Muslims in Italy circumvented the new Italian law prescribing stiff penalties for female circumcision
  • Signs from the 1960s that the crisis of Islamization was coming to the Western world, although even fewer were taking heed then than are doing so now
  • Temporary marriage, child marriage, polygamy, and other elements of Islamic culture and practice that harm women — and are now coming to Europe
  • How Islam attempts to engulf and co-opt Christianity by claiming Jesus as a lesser prophet of Islam
  • The collaborationists and traitors of Europe who, beginning after the oil crisis of 1973, sold Europe’s soul to the Arab League in exchange for a steady supply of oil
  • European officials who ascribe virtually everything good that has ever come out of Europe to the influence of Islam — in naked defiance of the actual facts of history
  • Collaborators and fellow-travelers such as Ward Churchill: why they deserve the opprobrium of every lover of freedom
  • Why America, for all our might, cannot defeat the global Islamic jihad in all its manifestations alone — which is why it is all the more imperative that Europe wake up

“Urgent, passionate, and heartfelt, The Force of Reason is an eye-opening expos? of just how bad things have gotten in Europe, and why we must act quickly before the entire continent is Islamized and the cradle of Western civilization obliterated. Fallaci’s is a voice that we ignore at our own risk. Every free person should thank God for this ‘Christian atheist.'” —Robert Spencer, author of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and the Crusades)

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