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The Homosexual Agenda: Exposing the Principal Threat to Religious Freedom Today

Authors: Alan Sears and Craig Osten
Publisher: B&H Books • 2003 • 229 pages

For more than 30 years, homosexual activists have aggressively pursued their vision of an America in which their behavior is affirmed and their critics are silenced. Now, with the Supreme Court’s recent ruling in Lawrence v. Texas, they stand on the verge of total victory. But all is not yet lost. In this providentially timed book, Alan Sears and Craig Osten of the Alliance Defense Fund — a legal organization that works to defend traditional family values, religious freedom, and the sanctity of human life — expose the homosexual agenda and its fight for “gay” rights for what it is: an unrestrained, no-holds-barred attack on the family and religious freedom. Using quotes from radical homosexual leaders as well as documented examples of legal battles, entertainment industry complicity and the support of the public schools, they detail not only how much progress has been made to date in achieving the homosexual agenda, but how further progress can be resisted — even rolled back.

This groundbreaking book reveals:

  • Lawrence v. Texas: why the Supreme Court’s recent ruling overturning sodomy laws opens the door to the complete triumph of the homosexual agenda — and the end of free-speech rights for all who have faith-based objections to endorsing, funding or supporting homosexual behavior
  • The six-point strategy, laid out by two homosexual leaders in the late 1980s, for radically altering America’s perception of homosexual behavior. How all six of these points are being carried out in present-day American culture
  • How homosexual activists have made progress by infiltrating, influencing and intimidating people in every major power structure — including the media, education, government, corporate America, and even the major churches
  • How homosexual activists are using corporate employment policies to promote homosexual behavior — and to stigmatize, isolate and silence employees who express opposition
  • The myth of homosexual “tolerance”: How “gay rights” legislation in many states sets severe punishments for those who do not agree with its demands
  • How the homosexual agenda is being pushed to elementary school children, starting in kindergarten
  • The National Education Association’s little-known proposal to implement a full-scale indoctrination of children to accept and affirm homosexual behavior
  • Poll results: proof that the indoctrination in our public schools has been all too successful
  • Liberal churches: Why some now exist for little more than promoting homosexual behavior
  • How homosexual propagandists have been extremely skillful in portraying anyone who opposes them as sympathetic to, or even complicit in, violence against homosexuals
  • How homosexuals have succeeded in “piggybacking” their agenda on legitimate causes such as equal rights for racial minorities
  • How Hollywood replaced old stereotypes with new ones that idealize homosexuals and demonize their opponents
  • The astounding fundraising power of the homosexual movement. How it all but extorts money from corporations and foundations
  • The Lavender Tower: how homosexual behavior and its promotion have become pervasive at colleges and universities
  • Why “domestic partner” policies and “civil unions” are aimed at the wholesale destruction of marriage (as one influential homosexual writer actually boasted)
  • Homosexuality and pedophilia: clear proof of the link between them
  • Homosexual adoption: a devastating critique of the sloppy, poorly-documented studies that helped it gain acceptance

“May well be the most significant religious liberty issue of our times.” — R. ALBERT MOHLER, JR., President, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

“Clear, irrefutable, convincing, and frightening . . . This book could be the instrument that will reverse the tide of influence that this devastating vice is having on America today.” — D. JAMES KENNEDY, Senior Minister, Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church

“Riveting . . . As this book shows through its review of the aggressive march of militant homosexuals through the courts, the legislatures, cultural institutions, and churches, the pretense of homosexuals’ ‘tolerance’ of nonhomosexuals is over.” — The Wanderer

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