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The Party of Death: The Democrats, the Media, the Courts, and the Disregard for Human Life

Publisher: Regnery Publishing • 2006 • 320 pages

They celebrate abortion on demand as a fundamental human right. They advocate euthanasia, and work energetically for embryo-killing research. They explicitly deny that all human beings are equal in having a right to life, and unblushingly propose the creation of a category of “human non-persons” who can be treated as expendable. In line with that, some of them have already begun calling for the killing of sick infants — for their own good, of course. They are the party of death, and they are becoming increasingly powerful in America today, as well as in the world at large. Now, in “The Party of Death: The Democrats, the Media, the Courts, and the Disregard for Human Life,” National Review’s Ramesh Ponnuru provides an unflinching expos? of their past successes, present activities, and future plans, showing why their principles are so harmful – and how they can be defeated before they destroy our society altogether.

Members of the party of death, Ponnuru notes here, are everywhere. They have taken over the Democratic party lock, stock, and barrel – although they can be found in both parties. He details how the pernicious influence of this dedicated band has permeated every aspect of our culture, corrupting law, politics, and even the teaching of history. Legal abortion, Ponnuru reveals, has unlocked the floodgates for numerous issues that have advanced the death culture, leading directly to the current national debates on euthanasia and embryo-killing for research purposes.

All this has happened, Ponnuru explains, with active help from the media establishment: with collusion from leading media figures, leading Democrats such as Hillary and Bill Clinton, Barbara Boxer, and Mario Cuomo have cannily camouflaged the party of death’s extreme and outlandish views. But they haven’t yet won a total victory. Ponnuru argues that the same process by which the party of death has made such deep inroads into American society can now be used in reverse: pro-lifers must strive harder than ever to restrict abortion and ultimately to end it altogether, for the more we reject abortion, the more we may come to reject other choices for death, too.

In an America that is turning away from abortion on demand, the Democrats may prove to be the last victims of the party of death. In The Party of Death, Ramesh Ponnuru provides a solid and encouraging program to relegate this poisonous party to the dustbin of history.

Among Ponnuru’s startling revelations and piercing insights:

  • Why everything you think you know about Roe v. Wade is a lie
  • How the Democratic party reached its current state of total servitude to the death agenda
  • The speech about Roe v. Wade that Hillary Clinton will never deliver — but if she did, she would be elected President of the United States
  • How the United States is alone among developed nations in offering no legal protection whatsoever to the unborn at any stage of development
  • Proven false: the widespread notion that American states were moving toward liberal abortion laws and that Roe merely codified this trend
  • How even scholars who support legal abortion have admitted that Justice Harry Blackmun’s work on Roe v. Wade was shoddy
  • How the search for a genuine constitutional basis for the Roe v. Wade decision has become something of a cottage industry within the legal academy
  • Why so many people wrongly believe that Roe v. Wade is more limited than it actually is — and that overturning it would criminalize all abortions
  • How abortion not only doesn’t lead to fewer unwanted children, but may actually lead to the birth of more children who aren’t wanted by their fathers
  • The battle over partial-birth abortion: how it severely weakened the party of death
  • Overturning Roe v. Wade: why this would not lead to an increase in the number of women dying from unsafe, “back alley” abortions
  • The Terri Schiavo case: how the Democrats decided to become the party of euthanasia as well as the party of abortion — but found themselves trapped in a position rejected by most Americans
  • Much-ignored evidence that the many Democratic electoral disasters of the last ten years could be directly tied to the party’s fanatical and unyielding support for the party of death
  • The stunningly unfair coverage the media establishment gives to prolifers, while lionizing abortion advocates as heroes
  • Why it is so difficult to come up with a coherent explanation of why infanticide should be impermissible if abortion is permissible
  • Feminists for Life and other prolifers who don’t fall into the conventional political categories
  • How nineteenth-century feminists opposed abortion — and the lengths to which abortion supporters today will go to cover up that fact
  • How legalizing voluntary euthanasia leads inevitably to the widespread practice of involuntary euthanasia
  • Four difficulties with the view that human beings become “persons,” and acquire rights, only when they acquire the capacity for abstract mental functioning, and cease to be persons with rights when they lose this capacity
  • Solid evidence that support for abortion is steadily declining even among the young women who are supposed to “benefit” from it most
  • How the party of death has tried to hoodwink conservatives into supporting embryo-destructive research
  • Jesse Jackson, Dennis Kucinich, and other former prolife Democrats who flipflopped on this issue to gain political advantage within their party
  • Proven wrong: the conventional wisdom that overturning Roe v. Wade would be a political disaster for prolife Republicans
  • How hardcore pro-abortion advocates like Barbara Boxer have begun to backtrack from their more extreme statements — and even the organization once known as the National Abortion Rights Action League has begun to shift its focus away from abortion
  • How pro-choicers are now doing something they had never expected to do: playing defense — and even Hillary Clinton and Howard Dean have adjusted to the fact that prolife sentiment is growing among Americans today

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