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The Politically Incorrect Guide™ to American History

Publisher: Regnery Publishing • 2004 • 270 pages
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The Politically Incorrect Guid to American History

Exclusive hardcover edition — not available in stores!

One of the first things Stalin, Hitler, Mao and other totalitarians did was rewrite the histories of their nations, remaking the past to foster their control of the present. The American Left has done the same thing in our country: most American history books – both for students and adults — are riddled with PC nonsense that makes the Founding Fathers over into racist slaveholders, the settlers of the West into genocidal land-stealers, and the welfare state into the harbinger of the ultimate triumph of liberalism.

But now at last conservatives and patriotic Americans have an antidote: “The Politically Incorrect Guide™ to American History” is a handy one-volume guide to our nation’s glorious past that has one key advantage over today’s dozens of dreary PC history books: this one tells you what really happened — not what liberals wish had happened.

From the Puritans through the drafting of the Constitution, the Civil War, the World Wars, the rise of the “Great Society” all the way up through the fiasco of the Clinton Administration, this brightly written book gives you the whole truth and nothing but the truth about our great nation: history professor Thomas E. Woods presents the Founding Fathers as the visionary heroes they were; discusses the real causes of the Civil War and World War I fairly and objectively; and examines in depth the ravages of statism, high taxes, and the war against American initiative.

Not PC, but all true:

  • How colonial quarrels give birth to American religious freedom
  • PC myth demolished: the Puritans — racists? Not quite
  • No, the Puritans didn’t steal Indian lands
  • Why self-government is non-negotiable
  • How the American Revolution was not like the French Revolution, with which Leftists love to equate it
  • Why “providing for the general welfare” doesn’t mean that the federal government gets to spend money on whatever it wants
  • The forgotten secret of the First Amendment to the Constitution: how states tell the federal government what it’s allowed to do — not the other way around
  • The cardinal importance of the Constitution’s Ninth and Tenth Amendments: Just because it’s not in the Bill of Rights doesn’t mean it’s not a right — and whatever the states didn’t let the feds do was left to the states
  • The tiny, easily overlooked clause in the Constitution that proved to be the source of the unhindered growth of big government
  • Did the states have the right to secede from the Union? A frank examination of the evidence
  • Was the war fought to free slaves? How the Civil War was more about other issues than about slavery
  • Reality check: Lincoln’s views on race
  • Why the soldiers fought: the Civil War, in the soldiers’ own words
  • The Fourteenth Amendment and states’ rights: the truth about this much-misunderstood Amendment
  • How government promoted waste and corruption in railroad construction
  • How “fairness” crippled American farmers in the late nineteenth century
  • Why government is itself the true source of monopoly
  • Antitrust idiocy: Should antitrust laws be repealed?
  • World War I: why Woodrow Wilson favored war
  • The post-World War I peace conference: The disaster Wilson pretended not to notice
  • How Woodrow Wilson’s much-heralded “idealism” paved the way for World War II
  • The long forgotten truth about the Roaring Twenties
  • Herbert Hoover: A “do-nothing” president? If only he had been!
  • How the Left in the 1930s cravenly presented the “Soviet experiment” as a model for America
  • The New York Times reporter who had full knowledge of Stalin’s crimes but covered them up
  • The lunacy of New Deal policies: let’s help starving people by destroying food!
  • How FDR’s anti-business zealotry delayed America’s recovery from the Great Depression
  • World War II: did it lift America out of the Depression?
  • FDR’s imperial presidency: did the architect of the New Deal break the law?
  • How FDR got Americans into World War II — and may have made war with Japan inevitable
  • FDR and Uncle Joe: the full story of just how friendly President Roosevelt was toward Stalin
  • The Cold War: Yes, Soviet spies were a problem in America — contrary to Leftist myth
  • Joe McCarthy: a paranoid idiot? No: the facts about this much maligned figure
  • A shameful and forgotten episode: American Presidents send a million Russians back to Stalin
  • The Marshall Plan: a great success or another failed giveaway program?
  • How President Truman disregarded the Constitution
  • Who was the real John F. Kennedy? Straight talk about a figure who has been elevated to mythic status by the Left
  • How Chicago mobster Sam Giancana bankrolled JFK’s campaign in return for promises that Kennedy would help his mob dodge federal investigations
  • Lyndon Johnson: his terrible legacy of failure
  • How the liberalism of the 1960s discouraged all the right things and encouraged all the wrong ones
  • Ronald Reagan: how he differed from all other modern presidents
  • “Decade of Greed”? How charitable giving grew 55 percent faster during the 1980s than it had grown over the previous 25 years
  • How Bill Clinton abused power, abetted Islamists, lied, and wasted billions of taxpayer dollars for nothing
  • Affirmative Action lunacy: how, on Clinton’s watch, special permission was needed at the Pentagon for the promotion of all white men without disabilities

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