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The Politically Incorrect Guide™ to Hunting

Publisher: Regnery Publishing • 2007 • 269 pages

Special Conservative Book Club hardcover edition — not available in stores!

Nothing is more hated among the trendy Left — and more misunderstood — than hunting. But now the intrepid hunter and pro-hunting activist Frank Miniter sets the record straight. In “The Politically Incorrect Guide™ to Hunting,” he details the concrete benefits that hunting gives to us all — and even how it helps the environment. Speaking with wildlife biologists, hunters, farmers, anti-hunters, victims of animal attacks, and many more, and examining wildlife studies, animal attack records, news reports, and expert opinions on hunting, Miniter explains how the banning of hunting negatively affects wildlife populations and conservation.

Miniter’s take on hunting is fearless and direct in its political incorrectness as he lays out the facts about hunting that the liberal media establishment doesn’t want you to know. He traces the rising gator population in Florida, notes the fact that bear attacks are at an all-time high, and examines the attacks on people by even “tame” coyotes in order to illustrate the bloody consequences of hunting bans. Along the way, he brings to light numerous facts that environmentalists and anti-hunting zealots don’t want you to know — including the thoughtful compassion and intimate knowledge of the natural world that underlies all responsible hunting.

Miniter details why non-lethal alternatives to hunting don’t work for the control of wild animals; why no-hunting areas actually hurt farmers (with the small farmer really taking it on the chin); why reintroduced wildlife needs hunters; and how hunting is incentive-based environmentalism — and hunters are wildlife’s best defenders. For those who will be surprised by Miniter’s connection between hunting and the environment, he shows how hunters recaptured environmentalism, revealing how hunters quietly took Capitol Hill while environmental groups lost the legislative initiative.

Not only that: Miniter also maintains that hunting is good for kids, and provides answers to the drearily common arguments that anti-hunting propagandists put forward. He also explores the controversies swirling around gun rights, offering the truth about the Second Amendment and revealing the hollowness of the Left’s calls for “reasonable gun control.” Equipped with The Politically Incorrect Guide? to Hunting, the next time you talk to an anti-hunter, or if you wonder in your own heart if hunting is right, you’ll be able to give real, concrete — and politically incorrect — answers.

Frank Miniter fires away:

  • When killing is right: the one thing every hunter should be able to explain
  • Why Florida’s gators are eating people — and proof that hunting prevents gator attacks
  • Hunters (and hypocrites) all: Bill Clinton, Al Gore, and John Kerry (who pledged to ban all semi-automatic firearms — common in hunting — if elected president)
  • How hunters often know more about animals and the environment and are more connected to nature than so-called environmentalists
  • How, on Florida’s Sanibel Island, a well-intentioned policy of “live and let live” with alligators resulted in increased alligator attacks and human fatalities
  • Proof: You’re more likely to be attacked by a bear in an area where hunting is forbidden, such as a national park
  • Proof: since game laws were enacted every hunted species has increased in number
  • How hunter-founded conservation groups are primarily responsible for bringing back American wildlife that was nearly extinct in the last century
  • Deer: how they kill ten times more people each year than sharks, cougars, bears, and alligators combined, and more people than all commercial airline, train, and bus accidents combined — and no alternative methods of reducing the number of deer-vehicle collisions are as effective as hunting
  • Why organic farmers need hunters more than traditional farmers — and why, if hunting were ended nationally, the costs to taxpayers and consumers would be in the billions
  • How quality deer management programs allow hunters and biologists to keep deer populations to what the environment will support — which benefits other wildlife as well
  • Proof: Hunting does more to preserve animal species on private land than the Endangered Species Act
  • The Second Amendment: why it protects every American citizen’s right to bear arms, not just those in militias or the military
  • Proof: Statistically, hunting is safer for kids than football, bicycling, and tennis
  • Washington, D.C.: it has a strict no-guns law and the thirteenth highest crime rate in the nation — just another example of the fact that when guns are outlawed, only outlaws have guns
  • Plus: appendices on how to get started in hunting, Wildlife Departments, Conservation Organizations, and a Youth Program Guide

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