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The Revolution: A Manifesto

Author: Ron Paul
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing • 2009 • 191 pages
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Every election cycle we are treated to candidates who promise us “change” — and 2008 is no different. But in the American political lexicon, “change” always means more of the same: more government, more looting of Americans, more inflation, more police-state measures, more unnecessary war, and more centralization of power. Real change, writes Texas congressman and 2008 presidential candidate Dr. Ron Paul, would mean something like the opposite of those things. “It might even involve following our Constitution. And that’s the one option Americans are never permitted to hear. . ” Now, in “The Revolution: A Manifesto,” Dr. Paul argues that if we are to enjoy peace, freedom, and prosperity once again, we absolutely must return to the principles upon which America was founded.

“There is an alternative to national bankruptcy, a bigger police state, trillion-dollar wars, and a government that draws ever more parasitically on the productive energies of the American people,” writes Dr. Paul. It’s called freedom. But as we’ve learned through hard experience, we are not going to hear a word in its favor if our political and media establishments have anything to say about it. If we want to live in a free society, we need to break free from these artificial limitations on free debate and start asking serious questions once again. I am happy that my campaign for the presidency has finally raised some of them. But this is a long-term project that will persist far into the future. These ideas cannot be allowed to die, buried beneath the mind-numbing chorus of empty slogans and inanities that constitute official political discourse in America. That is why I wrote this book.”

In The Revolution, Dr. Paul fearlessly exposes the core truths behind everything threatening America — from the real reasons behind the collapse of the dollar and the looming financial crisis, to terrorism and the loss of our precious civil liberties. Some key topics and themes:

  • The False Choices of American Politics: why the differences between Democrats and Republicans on such pressing issues as military intervention abroad or the role of the Federal Reserve are minor and superficial
  • The Wisdom of the Founding Fathers on Foreign Policy: How neoconservatives and liberals pay lip service to it, but condemn it by their actions
  • The Constitution: How the Framers were far from unanimous — but today’s party establishments reject the wisdom of both parties, taking an expansive view of their powers that even Hamilton himself would have seen as excessive
  • Economic Freedom: the difference between true free-market capitalism and the inflationist, central-banking driven variety. PLUS: the case for real free trade — and the case against phony “free-trade” deals like NAFTA and the WTO
  • Civil Liberties and Personal Freedom: how the Founders’ ideal of liberty is being misrepresented and betrayed by GOP neocons and liberal Democrats alike
  • Money: The Forbidden Issue in American Politics: how the Federal Reserve system works as a wealth redistribution system from poor and middle-class to the rich and politically connected — and why government should have no control whatsoever over the money supply

“Ron Paul’s legacy — from decades of principled defense of freedom, peace, and sound money — is inculcated in this very important book. Just the right length, it convincingly and eloquently advances the Ron Paul philosophy. It’s a book for beginners and for all of us, no matter how well-read, on liberty, Austrian economics, the Federal Reserve, the free market, and the warfare state. No mere “campaign book,” this is one for the ages. And I especially appreciated the suggested reading list at the end.” — LEW ROCKWELL, Ludwig von Mises Institute and editor of

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  • The Author
    Ron Paul

    Ron Paul

    Ron Paul is an American physician, author, and former Republican congressman, two-time Republican presidential candidate, and the presidential nominee of […] More about Ron Paul.

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