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Unfit for Command

Publisher: Regnery Publishing • 2004 • 224 pages
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Unfit for Command

John Kerry is a liar and a fraud, unfit to be the Commander-in-Chief of the United States Armed Forces. That’s not just the opinion of American conservatives: As this astonishing new book shows, most of the men who served with Kerry in Vietnam think this way. Now, in “Unfit for Command: Swift Boat Veterans Speak Out Against John Kerry,” John O’Neill and Jerry Corsi explain why.

O’Neill (who succeeded Kerry as commander of Swift boat PCF 94 in Vietnam and soundly defeated him in a 1971 debate about the war on the Dick Cavett Show) and Corsi lay bare in this book the hypocrisy and paradoxes of Kerry. They explain how someone who until recently claimed he was a war criminal, who threw away his medals and supported the North Vietnamese with his words, and who even met with enemy delegations in Paris while our soldiers were fighting and dying in the field, can now switch sides to run as a hero of those he condemned as criminal in that war.

This book gives you the whole story: the truth (from trustworthy eyewitnesses) about the service in Vietnam that Kerry has consistently distorted for his own political gain; Kerry’s notorious, un-American activities as head of the peacenik group Vietnam Veterans Against the War; his cynical practice of trying to appeal to both sides of the American voting public by playing up both his Vietnam service and his antiwar activities; and much, much more that establishes beyond all doubt that Kerry is truly unfit to be President, or to hold any public office.

Meet the real John Kerry — as self-obsessed and ruthlessly calculating as Slick Willie:

  • “If there is anything I can do to unmask this charlatan please let me know. He brings disgrace to all who served” — and similar assessments of Kerry from his fellow soldiers
  • John Kerry: the only Swift Boat commander who received a Purple Heart for a self-inflicted wound — plus the facts about all his Purple Hearts, none of which was awarded for serious injuries
  • How accompanying crewmen told the examining doctor that Kerry was running for President and had wounded himself when Kerry presented his “first wartime injury” for treatment
  • A close examination of Kerry’s genuine war record: how it reveals, contrary to his own exaggerated version, Kerry’s duplicity and complete lack of fitness to be Commander-in-Chief
  • The gunner’s mate who sat behind and above Kerry for most of his Vietnam stay: why he came to regard Kerry as incompetent and dishonest
  • Why fed-up Swift Boat personnel asked Kerry to go home after he had served just four months in Vietnam
  • How Kerry spent much of his time in Vietnam filming himself in scenarios carefully designed to look dangerous
  • The deafening silence that greeted Kerry’s introduction as the man “who may be the next President of the United States” before a gathering of his Vietnam comrades-in-arms
  • Kerry’s accusations of war crimes by Americans in Vietnam: how they relied on fake impersonator veterans who concocted incidents that were established decades ago as exaggerations or pure fabrications
  • “I will tell you in all candor that the only baby killer I knew in Vietnam was John F. Kerry”: the startling assessment of one of Kerry’s fellow Swift Boat commanders
  • The Swift Boat Kerry commanded: how it drew the ire of officers by opening fire without prior clearance and without apparent reason, sometimes even though it had not been fired at by the enemy
  • How Kerry has actually admitted causing unnecessary civilian casualties in Vietnam
  • Kerry’s stories of how he confronted superiors with anti-war sentiments and objections to military policies that he felt were inappropriate: proof that these conversations never took place
  • War hero? Yes, to the Communists: How Kerry’s photo was found in the “Heroes of the Vietnamese Resistance” section of a war museum in Communist Vietnam!
  • The impossibility of finding any Kerry position on the Vietnam War that isn’t also held by Vietnam’s Communist masters
  • The full truth about the medals that Kerry doesn’t want you to think he threw away — and has lied about repeatedly
  • Kerry’s strange reticence about revealing what he discussed at his meeting with Vietnamese Communists in Paris in 1970
  • Proof that, despite his denials, Kerry really did attend the 1971 Vietnam Veterans Against the War meeting in which they discussed a plan to assassinate Senators
  • How Kerry helped disseminate KGB-generated anti-American propaganda during his antiwar activities
  • William F. Buckley’s 1971 critique of Kerry’s antiwar testimony: “the indictment of an ignorant young man” who was willing to level baseless charges
  • Revealed: FBI records that show that Kerry referred to the Communist thug Ho Chi Minh as “the George Washington of Vietnam” in a speech in Philadelphia in 1971
  • The carefully orchestrated piece of political theater that was Kerry’s shameful appearance before the Fulbright Committee (plus evidence that the Committee refused to allow pro-war soldiers to testify)
  • How Kerry’s testimony painted all those who served honorably in Vietnam as criminals – and caused more deaths and prolonged the war by undermining support at home and contributing directly to a Communist victory
  • Photographs from the War Remnants Museum in Saigon, proving that the Vietnamese Reds consider Kerry a hero of their struggle against democracy and freedom
  • How Kerry staged a self-promotion video while ignoring a memorial service for dead Vietnam comrades
  • How Kerry lied about his Vietnam experiences — in a $50 million ad campaign

Unfit for Command presents crucial information that the American people should consider carefully as they decide Kerry’s fitness to be Commander-in-Chief. If patriotic Americans heed the facts that O’Neill and Corsi present here, they will return this untrustworthy, self-serving political animal to private life this November. Nothing less than our survival as a nation could hang in the balance.

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