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Warriors for the West

• 2006 • 256 pages
Warriors for the West

Congress enacts ambiguous statues demanded by radical groups; federal bureaucrats implement those laws as the groups demand; then, activist judges interpret those laws as those groups insist. Now, in Warriors for the West, William Perry Pendley puts human faces on Westerners’ historic and often precedent-setting fights against environmental laws . . . “lying and cheating” bureaucrats and their ethically-challenged lawyers . . . government as a bullying bad neighbor … the criminalization of everything for “environmental protection” . . . the seizure of “private property” for “public use” without “just compensation” . . . and much more.

Pendley, president of the Mountain States Legal Foundation, reveals such shocking cases as:

  • John Shuler of Montana killed a grizzly bear in self defense — and the feds prosecuted him for 8 years using the Endangered Species Act.
  • Bobby Unser nearly died in a blizzard on a snowmobile trip — and the feds charged him with the “crime” of accidentally entering a wilderness.
  • John Bernt’s mining claims were voided when bureaucrats back-dated documents, then they and government lawyers and judges lied about it.

“Rips the hide off the bureaucrats, liberal groups, and activist judges who are perverting the law and destroying rights. This is not just a book for Westerners; every American who cares about freedom should read it!” — MARK R. LEVIN, author of Men in Black

“Defenders of religious liberty will be stunned to learn, as Warriors for the West reveals, that, while the federal courts use the Establishment Clause to ban almost any hint of Judeo-Christian religion in the ‘public square,’ they have upheld the right of American Indian religious practitioners to demand and federal agencies to order the closure of public and private land that is ‘sacred’ to pantheists. This is indeed a call to action.”

–HUGH HEWITT, author of Painting the Map Red

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