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Winning the Future

Publisher: Regnery Publishing • 2006 • 271 pages
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Winning the Future

While Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich spearheaded the Contract with America — which brought us the first tax cut in sixteen years, real welfare reform, balanced budgets, and a strengthened military. In his latest book, he details how (if we have the same persistence and courage that the Republican Revolutionaries showed in the 1990s) we can defeat secularism and liberalism and restore American values. What we need to do so, he says, is a new 21st Century Contract with America.

In “Winning the Future: A 21st Century Contract with America,” Gingrich outlines five chief threats that could cripple our nation in the coming years: most notably Islamic terrorism, the devastating effects of the banishing of religion from public life, and ever-growing government. He speaks forthrightly about how two chief obstacles to meeting these threats effectively are an entrenched political system and a liberal news media that refuses to confront them seriously. These elites, says Gingrich, want a dramatically different world from the values and aspirations of most Americans. But Gingrich shows what must be done to meet each of these challenges — providing, in the process, a comprehensive conservative program for the next decade.

Gingrich explains how we can and why we must commit to a long war to defeat the terrorists who would destroy America; reestablish God in the public arena; insist on sane immigration policies and patriotic educational standards; harness modern science and technology to create jobs; allow for at least a partial privatization of Social Security; bring the Courts back under the Constitution; protect American interests within the world trading system; balance the Federal Budget; bring much-needed reform to Congress; ensure that local and national elections are scrupulously fair; and much more. He even includes a walking tour of Washington, D.C., that will decisively answer any questions you or your liberal friends might have about America’s indebtedness to and reliance upon the Creator from whom all our rights come.

The threats to America that Gingrich outlines here are as daunting and difficult as any America has faced. But if we want to win the future, it’s time to do something about it — and Gingrich’s 21st Century Contract with America is a magnificent place to start.

Some of Dr. Gingrich’s diagnoses and prescriptions:

  • The much-maligned first Contract with America in 1994: actually a remarkable tool for political and governmental change
  • How George W. Bush has outlined the only strategy that can make America secure
  • Why the War on Terror is not primarily about terrorism — and must be fought not just militarily, but also culturally, politically, and economically
  • Why the defeat of judicial supremacy and a return to a true balance of power between the legislative, executive, and judicial branches will be one of the most intense and difficult struggles of our lifetime — yet absolutely unavoidable if we are going to retain our freedoms
  • How, even after 9/11, our national security bureaucracies continue to operate within a peacetime model — and why, despite spending billions of dollars on our national security, we are still unprepared for another terrorist attack
  • Our present intelligence capabilities: at best, they’re one-third the size we need
  • The two immediate opponents we face in the War on Terror: and how the media establishment and intelligence service consistently misunderstand both
  • Why Bush was right to recognize immediately that 9/11 was an act of war and not the scene of a crime — and why Slick Willie was wrong to deal with terrorism as a criminal matter (even though cooperation with Interpol is indeed essential to our victory)
  • Why we must contain rogue nations, as we contained the Communists, and everywhere possible back groups that can help us topple enemy regimes
  • How the Left is dead wrong when it insists that we should rely on the UN and the World Court as substitutes for American power and endurance
  • How the failure of our political analysis of Iraq led to the failure of our postwar policing there (for which we still lack adequate intelligence) — and how we can secure a stable society there now
  • How we can ensure that the U.S. has the best system to capitalize on new breakthroughs in militarily-applicable science and technology
  • The propaganda war: why it is so crucial in Iraq, and Afghanistan, and the entire Islamic world
  • How months of vicious attacks by opponents of Social Security reform still couldn’t defeat any candidate who advocated it in the 2002 midterm elections
  • Social Security: how the government will have to raise taxes, cut spending, or increase its deficits and borrow in order to make basic payments — sooner than we think
  • How Social Security sharply reduces national savings and investment — because workers assume that the Social Security system will pay for their retirement
  • Why there is no attack on American culture more deadly and historically dishonest than the secular Left’s unending war against God in America’s public life
  • How any serious look at the Founding Fathers reveals how much they believed in freedom of religion — and how deeply they would have opposed government trying to create freedom from religion
  • Why no healthy society can long survive the glorification of deviance that has become the norm in America — and how we can draw the line again between the America we are proud of and the America we should be ashamed of
  • Immigration: why the problem is not the number or race of today’s immigrants, but the breakdown of the will we need to control our borders and ensure that new immigrants learn to be American
  • How we can end the teaching in public schools of politically correct, multicultural drivel that ignores or ridicules America’s great history
  • Socialized medicine? No! How we need to transform our entire health care system based on an entirely new set of principles (plus twelve things we must do to build an intelligent health care system)
  • Balancing the budget: why it’s not a choice, but a necessity
  • How America can be made stronger by developing coherent technology and market-oriented solutions for environmental conservation and energy consumption

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