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Your Kids at Risk: How Teen Sex Threatens Our Sons and Daughters

Publisher: Regnery Publishing • 2007 • 252 pages
Your Kids at Risk: How Teen Sex Threatens Our Sons and Daughters

Did you know that 8,000 American teens are diagnosed with a sexually-transmitted disease (STD) every day? That 46% of girls are likely to become infected with a disease after their very first sexual encounter. That, right now, one out of every five adolescents is living with an STD?

If not, you’re not alone. The fact is, America is in the midst of what may be the first “politically incorrect” epidemic in history — one that so contradicts the liberal faith in “sexual freedom” as the path to health and happiness that the media simply refuses to report it. What’s more, reveals Dr. Meg Meeker in this groundbreaking book, it was that very faith — as endlessly promoted by Planned Parenthood, sex-educators, and the media itself — which actually caused the epidemic by encouraging widespread teenage promiscuity.

“Your Kids at Risk” breaks the story that STDs among adolescents has indeed reached epidemic proportions, and is leaving our kids open to deadly infections, infertility and cancer. Dr. Meeker, who has spent the past 20 years practicing pediatric and adolescent medicine and counseling teens, uncovers the facts about this grave health crisis, and the powerful political and other interests that continue to make it worse. A small sampling of her deeply alarming revelations (just the tip of the iceberg!):

  • Why the Center for Disease Control (CDC) considers the STD epidemic a “multiple” epidemic of at least 25 separate diseases — nearly 50 if you count the various strains of virus groups
  • How all these diseases wreak havoc on young bodies in different ways — some quickly, some very slowly
  • Why over 80% of STD-infected teens are unaware that they have an STD and therefore don’t get medical treatment — and may continue to infect others!
  • The anatomic and immunological differences that make the adolescent body — particularly the female’s — more susceptible to STDs
  • How sex-educators under-inform and mislead, giving kids too little (or downright wrong) information about STDs
  • How pharmaceutical companies promote drugs that control STD symptoms — encouraging kids in the delusion that they can be promiscuous without any of the associated problems
  • How the idea of maintaining sexual freedom rather than preventing disease remains the driving force and primary focus of national sex education
  • In the ’60s, a shot of penicillin could cure the two known STDs, syphilis and gonorrhea. Today, there are no simple cures and in most cases there are no cures at all
  • Thank you, President Clinton: The astonishing rise in pre-teens and teens who believe that only intercourse qualifies as “sex” — even though STDs are spread via every type of contact
  • How TV, movies, magazines and music endlessly send kids the message that unmarried sex has no consequences, and that if you’re not having sex there’s something wrong with you
  • Younger and younger: what statistics reveal about the age at which today’s kids are becoming “sexually active”
  • Why, once kids start having sex, their sexual contacts increase, and transmission of disease increases exponentially
  • Stealth virus: the strain of Herpes that many teens don’t know they have — and are spreading unaware — because of “asymptomatic shedding”
  • False claims about condoms. Why, for most STDs, they offer little or no protection
  • What studies reveal about the close link between sexual activity and clinical depression in adolescent boys and girls
  • Study findings: why 33% of 8-to-11 year olds and 49% of 12-to-15 year olds said that pressure to have sex is a “big problem” for them
  • Why the data on the STD epidemic are even more alarming now than in the latest published studies

“Our Children hear from such authority figures as physicians, teachers, and clergy that they are entitled to their sexual expression and experiences. They are being told that these sexual behaviors are good for them and won’t hurt. Psychologically, spiritually, and medically, those are simply lies. Read Your Kids At Risk and learn how to save yours.”— Dr. Laura Schlessinger

“Important and impassioned … Meg Meeker provides essential and potentially life-saving information to all parents concerned about some of the harsh realities confronting their children.”— Michael Medved

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