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Your Money or Your Life

Author: Neil Cavuto
Publisher: HarperCollins • 2005 • 288 pages
Your Money or Your Life

As the host of Fox News Channel’s “Your World with Neil Cavuto” — the number one business-news show on cable — and “Cavuto on Business,” Neil Cavuto has been recognized by the Wall Street Journal as the best interviewer in business news. But Cavuto’s appeal goes far beyond his business savvy: what many viewers like best, in fact, are his commentaries on the issues of the day — always marked by commonsense conservatism and his unusual sense of humor. Now he has put many of his most refreshing, provocative, and fearless commentaries down on paper for the first time.

A survivor of cancer who is currently battling multiple sclerosis, Cavuto has become a philosopher of traditional values like loyalty, family, friendship, and patriotism. But since “Your Money or Your Life” looks back at nearly a decade’s worth of headlines, you’ll also get his insights into some of the most important events and people of our time. A small sample of the themes and topics Neil Cavuto explores:

Honor, Duty, Country — and Gratitude . . . on our military heroes, and great leaders like Ronald Reagan

What Fair and Balanced Is — and Isn’t . . . on responsible versus irresponsible reporting and commentary

Greenspan or Green-Spin . . . on why we should ignore the man behind the curtain

We Are What We Eat . . . on fast food, lawsuits, and personal responsibility

Taking on Taxes . . . on why tax cuts are good, the death tax is bad, and much more

Where Were You on September 10, 2001? . . . on remembering what American was like before 9/11

Why I Don’t Trust My Uncle Sam . . . on how the surplus of the 1990s was bound to disappear

“Neil Cavuto is one of the few on television who takes his stock in trade — Wall Street — and combines that with his reporting and commentary about life into the same program. It’s done with passion, honesty, and credibility. Treat yourself to the commentary that sets Neil apart from all the rest in Your Money or Your Life.” — RUSH LIMBAUGH

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