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Author Interviews

Medal of Honor Recipient Tells Tale of Battlefield Heroism (Author Interview: Clinton Romesha)

In one of the most moving author interviews the Conservative Book Club has ever done, we interviewed Clinton Romesha -[...]

The 7 Truths To Finding the Strength Within (Interview: J.C. Watts)

Ever wonder what the 7 truths are to find the strength within yourself? Then listen to our exclusive podcast author[...]

The Secret to Winning the War on Terror (Interview: Dr. Sebastian Gorka

Renown counterterrorism expert, Dr. Sebastian Gorka, discusses his new book - Defeating Islam: The Winnable War, and reveals how the[...]

The Conservative Legacy of Antonin Scalia (Author: Kevin Ring)

Antonin Scalia spent on the Supreme Court defending our Constitution. Kevin Ring, author of "Scalia's Court", explains Scalia's philosophy towards[...]

Who Ended the Cold War? (Author Interview: Steve Berry)

Russian spies, the Constitution, and Cotton Malone - all the ingredients you need to make a heckuva thriller novel! Steve[...]

Can the Gold Standard Bring Back A Golden Age? (Author Interview: George Gilder)

Famed economist and father of of supply-side economics, George Gilder, releases a new groundbreaking book promising to unveil a radical[...]

The New Road to Freedom (Author Interview: Peter Ferrara)

At the tail end of the debilitating Obama administration’s economic policies, Peter Ferrara – the senior fellow at The Heartland […]

Taking On Vladimir Putin (Author Interview: Ted Bell)

Alex Hawke is the conservative James Bond! Read our exclusive author interview with Ted Bell as he takes on Vladimir[...]

Apple vs. FBI: National Security in the Age of Terror (Author Interview: Gen. Michael Hayden)

Exclusive podcast author interview with former Gen. Michael Hayden about his new book, "Playing to the Edge: American Intelligence in[...]

The Way Out of Obamacare

Obamacare is just the latest big government programs that hurts average Americans. Luckily, there is a way out, according to[...]

9 Presidents Who Screwed Up America (Author Interview: Brion McClanahan)

Who were the 9 presidents that screwed up America, and 4 that tried to save her? Find out in our[...]

Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Obamacare! (Author Interview)

Our feature podcast author interview this week is with Michael Ramirez - the award-winning political editorial cartoonist for Investor's Business[...]

The Case For Trump (Author Interview: Jeffrey Lord)

Jeffrey Lord makes the case for a Donald Trump presidency in "What America Needs: The Case for Trump." Lord writes[...]

To Dems, Only Black Votes Matter (Author Interview: Crystal Wright)

Our exclusive podcast author interview this week is with Crystal Wright, the self-described "Conservative Black Chick." She is the author[...]

How We Can Reverse “The Collapse of Parenting” (Author Interview)

With PC safe-space student protests roiling our nation’s campuses, the topic of parenting has never been more topical. How did[...]

Phil Robertson Interview About Obama’s Gun Control Proposals Post-San Bernardino

Phil and Kay Robertson discuss their new book and their take on President Obama's new gun control proposals that would[...]

What Would Churchill Think Of Obama’s ISIS Speech? (Author Interview: Larry Arnn)

What do you think Winston Churchill would say about Obama’s “wartime” Oval Office speech? Find out by listening to our[...]

How Conservatives Can Win The War on Christmas (Author Interview: Jonathan Last)

Liberals continue to attack the season in their War on Christmas. We talked with The Weekly Standard's Jonathan Last about[...]

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