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Political Cartoons

Want To Hear A Joke? CNN.

CNN may pretend it still has credibility, but anyone with a brain knows better. Check out one cartoonist's hilarious CNN[...]
Credit: Milo's FB Page

Is Hillary “TRIGGERED”? Check Out Her Hilarious Reaction To Milo’s New Book

Right-wing provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos is back with his new book "Dangerous". Hillary Clinton certainly agrees with that title -- check[...]

Is Twitter A Stain On Trump’s Record? See Michael Ramirez’s Cartoon

Pres. Trump has started innumerable feuds, scandals and spats with media figures and others through his Twitter account. Is his[...]

One Cartoonist Had The Perfect Response To CNN And Elmo — Check It Out!

CNN had to fire three people for fake news -- and then had the chutzpah to use innocent Elmo to[...]

See How The Democrat “Case” For Impeachment Has Dried Up

Make no bones about it, the Democrat Party has no grounds to impeach Pres. Trump. How did their bogus leads[...]

Who’s More Unpopular: Pelosi or Pres. Trump?

Liberals want to pretend that Trump hampers the conservative agenda -- despite having the weight of Nancy Pelosi around their[...]

See How Winning Republicans Keep Defeating The Lying Media

The dishonest media isn't even hiding it -- they want Dems to win these special House elections. Unfortunately for them,[...]

What’s More Obsolete: Nancy Pelosi or a Fax Machine?

What's the most obsolete: a fax machine, a VCR tape, a floppy disk, or Nancy Pelosi? See the cartoon!

You Need To See One Cartoonist’s Response To North Korea’s Murder of Otto Warmbier

American student Otto Warmbier has died as a result of his treatment in the captivity of the evil North Korean[...]

Is Trump’s Twitter The Most Dangerous Bird In DC?

There are many birds of prey, but none so deadly as the Twitter account of Pres. Trump. See the cartoon!

Should Loretta Lynch Be Charged With Obstruction Of Justice?

People are in a tizzy over Jeff Sessions -- but shouldn't Loretta Lynch be charged for meeting with Pres. Clinton?[...]

Is Civility The Cure To America’s Political Violence? See The Cartoon

The country was rocked this week by the brazen shooting of Republican Congressmen in Alexandria, VA. Is civility the cure[...]

You Need To See One Conservative Cartoonist’s Powerful Response to the Alexandria Attack

Cartoonist Michael Ramirez has a poignant response to yesterday's anti-Republican shooting in Alexandria, VA. See the cartoon!

Who Undermines Democracy More: Congress or the Russians?

Who is worse for the health of American democracy: Congress or Russia? See the cartoon for more...

This Conservative Cartoonist OBLITERATED James Comey!

The Comey testimony hasn't amounted to much, but his credibility is shot. See how Michael Ramirez eviscerated the disgraced former[...]

Who Pollutes More: China or Hysterical US Liberals?

Liberals are running around like headless chickens over America's withdrawal from the Paris agreement -- but is their hysteria polluting[...]

James Comey’s Testimony Was A Nothingburger!

James Comey's testimony is all over the news, but it was an absolute nothingburger! See the cartoon for more!

Did Political Correctness Allow ISIS To Attack London? Check Out This Conservative Cartoon

Ask not for whom Big Ben tolls, it tolls for Britain! Political correctness has made the free world weak, open[...]

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