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Political Cartoons

Who Would Win A Nuclear Football Game: America or Iran?

Who would win a game of nuclear football: America or Iran? See the cartoon to find out!

Berkeley Proves The Left Is Hateful And Violent

Who are the truly intolerant people -- Trump supporters or rioting "professional anarchists"? See the cartoon to find out!

Cartoon: Neil Gorsuch Will Carry On Scalia’s Spirit

Colorado's Judge Neil Gorsuch will carry on Scalia's legacy. How? See the cartoon to find out!

See The Real Reason The Media Hates Trump!

Why does the dishonest liberal media truly despise President Trump? See the cartoon to find out!

Cartoon: Referee Trump Is Overturning Obama’s Regulations!

President Trump is wasting no time repealing President Obama's regulations! What does it have to do with the NFL? See[...]

This Cartoon Shows How The Women’s March Was Hypocritical

Liberal women marched on Washington to protest President Trump and his celebrity -- but gladly let liberal celebs do the[...]

See Why Trump Has Streep Seeing Shrinks!

Trump is President and liberal celebs are breaking down! See why Trump has Streep and friends seeing shrinks in the[...]

Cartoon: Washington Cannot Tell An Alternative Fact!

Kellyanne Conway went viral with her "alternative facts" quote; see why George Washington couldn't tell one in the cartoon!

Cartoon: Obama’s Legacy Is Getting Shredded!

Obama is gone, and so are his executive orders! See what President Trump will do to Obama's orders in the[...]

Would John Lewis Prefer An Illegal Immigrant Be President?

Rep. John Lewis thinks Donald Trump is an illegitimate President, but that illegal immigrants are legitimate citizens. Does he want[...]

CNN: Breaking News, or Faking News?!

Is CNN breaking news -- or is it faking news? See the cartoon for more!

Cartoon: Can Obama Spare Change For The Hopeless?

Obama says he's an agent of change, but the hopeless, unemployed people of America are asking: can he spare some[...]

Trump Stars In Remake Of Hitchcock’s “The Birds!”

Trump could star in a remake of Hitchcock's "The Birds"! See how in the cartoon!

Dems and Obamacare Made America Sick Again!

Dems are whining about the Obamacare repeal, but aren't they the ones who made America sick again with Obamacare in[...]

Obama’s Real Legacy on Israel

On his way out the door, President Obama was able to again offend Israel in its shameless collaboration with the[...]

Check Out This Trumped-Up Christmas Tree!

Love Trump and the Christmas season? Check out this Trumped-up Christmas tree!

Have You Heard “The 12 Days of Clinton”?

This Christmas, a new carol is sweeping the nation -- "The 12 Days of Clinton"! To learn the lyrics for[...]

See How ISIS Wants To Stop “Peace On Earth” This Christmas

With a truck-based terrorist attack in Berlin yesterday, the forces of jihad showed they'd stop at nothing to prevent peace[...]

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