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Political Cartoons

Cartoon: Was Santa Hacked By Russia?

Was Santa hacked by Russia? You won't believe the latest loser liberal tantrum!

Where’s The Outrage For Aleppo?

While the media goes hysterical over Russian hacking, Russian bombs are still ravaging the Syrian city of Aleppo. Where's the[...]

Why Does The Media Talk About “Fake News” Instead Of Real News?

The media is up in arms about fake news but ignores very real Democrat scandals? Why do they ignore real[...]

Cartoon: “Russian Hackers” Are More Trustworthy Than The Media

The country is an uproar over "fake news" and supposed Russian interference in the 2016 election. See the cartoon to[...]

Cartoon: What’s The True Fake News?

The media is in a furor over the problem of "fake news". But given their bias and Obama's lies, what[...]

Cartoon: Check Out The Latest Obamacare Meltdown!

How is Obamacare melting down this time? You'll need to see the cartoon to find out!

Cartoon: Spin The Wheel Of Hillary’s Misfortune!

What pathetic excuse do liberals have for Hillary Clinton's election loss this week? Spin the Wheel of Hillary's Misfortune to[...]

See How Trump Fixed The White House Air Conditioning!

Trump made a deal to keep Carrier factory jobs here in America -- and fixed the White House AC! See[...]

Cartoon: See Why Mitt Romney Is Eating Crow!

Mitt Romney criticized Trump -- see why now, Romney is eating crow!

Cartoon: Pelosi Is Proof Democrats Are Delusional

Doing the same thing over and over again while expecting different results is the definition of insanity. So what does[...]

You Won’t Believe What Crooked Hillary Asked For From Santa!

Is Crooked Hillary trying to enlist Santa's help to steal the election? See the cartoon to see what she really[...]

See Which Jobs Trump Has Already Saved From Mexico!

Trump has already saved jobs -- and he's not even President yet! See the cartoon to learn more...

Does The Corrupt Clinton Foundation Have To Refund Donors?

Hillary Clinton failed to become President -- does the corrupt Clinton Foundation have to refund foreign pay-to-play donors? See the[...]

Cartoon: Can Cuba Finally Be Free?

Cuban dictator Fidel Castro has died at last! Can Cuba finally be free? See the cartoon!

Did You See The Trump Balloon In The Macy’s Parade?

Did you see the Trump balloon in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade? See the cartoon!

Cartoon: The True Spirit Of Thanksgiving

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving! Learn the true spirit of Thanksgiving with this poignant cartoon...

Here’s Why Liberal Criticism Of Trump’s Cabinet Is Ridiculous

Liberals are whining that Trump's Cabinet is too old and not diverse enough. See the cartoon to see why their[...]

Cartoon: See Why Trump and “Hamilton” Are Dueling

Donald Trump and the producers of the Broadway musical "Hamilton" are feuding. Will they have a duel? See the cartoon[...]

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