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Political Cartoons

Here’s Why The NYT Is “All The Bias That’s Fit To Print”

The New York Times is legendarily biased towards liberals. What lies are they spreading about Trump now? See the cartoon[...]

Does Trump’s Wall Need A Celeb Exit Door?

Does Trump's wall need a celebrity exit door? See the cartoon!

Should Trump “Compromise” on Policy Like Obama Did?

In President Obama's press conference earlier this week, President Obama gave some advice he never used throughout his administration. See[...]

What Did George Washington Think Of Trump-Obama Handshake?

What did George Washington think about Trump meeting with Obama? See the cartoon to find out!

Here’s How Donald Trump Will Erase Obama’s Legacy

Obama won't be able to keep his legacy -- just like people weren't able to keep their doctors on Obamacare![...]

Why Trump Was “Dewey Defeats Truman” 2

Was Trump's victory against Hillary and the media like a second coming of "Dewey Defeats Truman"? See the cartoon!

Mr. Brexit? More Like Hillary’s Exit!

Wanna know how Donald "Mr. Brexit" Trump caused Hillary's exit? Check out the cartoon!

Cartoon: A Patriotic Pre-Poll Prayer

Will America make the right choice on Election Day? See what Uncle Sam is praying for in the cartoon!

Will Hillary Be “Drowned” By Wikileaks?

Will Hillary be "drowned" by Wikileaks and other scandals? Check out the cartoon!

Will Hillary Be Buried Under All The “Other Shoes” Dropping?

Will Hillary be buried under all the "other shoes" dropping at once? See the cartoon to see how her scandals[...]

See Why The Clintons Are Saying “Plunder Together”

Hillary is running on the slogan "Stronger Together" -- but her slogan should be "Plunder Together! See the cartoon for[...]

Cartoon: Has The Other Shoe Finally Dropped On Hillary?

Are Anthony Weiner's emails the "other shoe" finally dropping on Hillary? See the cartoon!

Cartoon: Who Are Hillary Clinton’s Newest Supporters?

Who are Hillary's newest supporters? See the cartoon to see which shady people are now saying "I'm With Her".

How Are 11 Out Of 8 People Voting Hillary?

Why is the media saying 11 out of 8 people will vote for Hillary? See the cartoon to understand the[...]

Cartoon: Have You Ever Played “American Roulette”?

Have you ever played "American roulette"? See what choices America has in 2016 -- and tell us whether or not[...]

CARTOON: Is America At A Crossroads?

Is America at a crossroads this election? See the stark choice Americans have to make on Election Day...

Did You Hear Trump’s Gettysburg Address?

Did you hear Trump's Gettysburg address? See the cartoon to see what he said!

Should Fox News’ Chris Wallace Run For President?

Chris Wallace was fair and balanced at the 3rd presidential debate. Should he run for President? See the cartoon to[...]

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