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Political Cartoons

Who’s Really “Deplorable”? Trump Voters or Hillary?

Who's really "deplorable": Trump voters or Hillary Clinton? See the cartoon and tell us your thoughts in the comments!

Cartoon: Can Anything Disinfect Hillary Clinton?

Can anything disinfect Hillary Clinton? From decades of scandals and lies to her terrible health, she continues to infect America.[...]

Is “Hacking Hillary” Blaming Her Pneumonia On “Deplorable” Trump Voters?

Is "Hacking Hillary" blaming her pneumonia on Trump voters she puts in the "basket of deplorables"? See the cartoon and[...]

Never Forget 9/11

Honor the victims of 9/11 by sharing this cartoon!

Exclusive Notes From Hillary’s FBI Interview!

Check out these exclusive notes from Hillary's FBI interview! What difference, at this point, will they make? Tell us what[...]

Cartoon: See Why Marx Will Be In Labor On Labor Day

Haha! Michael Ramirez shows us the true meaning of Labor Day -- see how Karl Marx will spend his Labor[...]

Will Colin Kaepernick Give Up His Millions To Protest Income Inequality?

Colin Kaepernick is willing to sit through our national anthem to protest cops; will he give up his millions of[...]

Cartoon: RIP Gene Wilder

Beloved comedic actor Gene Wilder -- known for his roles in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and for his movies[...]

Is Colin Kaepernick Disrespecting Dead Soldiers?

Colin Kaepernick may think the flag and anthem stand for oppression, but thousands of heroic soldiers -- and people like[...]

See Why Everyone Is Repulsed By Latest Anthony Weiner Texts

In lieu of Hillary's missing emails, America was horrified by Anthony Weiner's latest round of salacious, Carlos Danger-ous texts. See[...]

Here Are 400,000 Reasons Why Colin Kaepernick Should Respect Our Anthem

There are over 400,000 reasons why NFL player and 49ers GB Colin Kaepernick should stand and respect our anthem! See[...]

You Won’t Believe Hillary’s Literal Clinton Cash

We've all enjoyed the book "Clinton Cash" -- now see Hillary's literal Clinton Cash! Let us know what you think[...]

Here’s Why People Started Doubting Hillary’s Health

Want to know why people have started to have doubts about Hillary's health? See the cartoon to find out --[...]

Cartoon: Does Obama Care More About Golf Than Disasters?

Does Obama care more about his golf games than he does about floods in Louisiana, riots in Milwaukee, and forest[...]

Here’s How Hillary Ran A Fast Food State Department

Crooked Hillary Clinton ran the State Department like a McDonalds, with tons of foreigners served? Does Hillary care more about[...]

What Is Mike Pence’s Plan B?

If Donald Trump and Mike Pence lose in 2016, what is Pence's backup plan? See his plan in the cartoon[...]

Cartoon: Is Black Lives Matter Brewing Riots In Milwaukee?

Milwaukee has a new beer -- black-on-black crime, violence, and riots! Is BLM brewing unrest in Milwaukee? Tell us what[...]

You Won’t Believe Obama’s Response To Milwaukee

You won't believe Pres. Barack Obama's response to the violence in Milwaukee! See the cartoon to learn more!

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