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ARTICLE: 7 Conservative Celebs Who Should Run For Office

Trump shocked elites when he ran for President. We’ve found 7 more conservative celebrities who can help make America great

ARTICLE: Check Out Lady Liberty’s Solution To DACA

Lady Liberty has a great solution to the DACA problem — see the cartoon to find out!

ARTICLE: Movie Review: “American Assassin”

Does “American Assassin”, the first film adaptation of the late Vince Flynn’s bestselling Mitch Rapp series, live up to the

ARTICLE: Weekly Roundup Sept. 18-22

See how karma caught up with Nancy Pelosi and how Hollywood sunk even lower in this week’s CBC Roundup!

ARTICLE: Is Jimmy Kimmel Right or Wrong About Obamacare Repeal?

Is Jimmy Kimmel right or wrong about the Obamacare repeal bill? Vote in our CBC reader poll

Photo credit: rushlimbaugh.com

ARTICLE: Is Obama’s Wiretapping Worse Than Watergate?

“We know that the Obama FBI wiretapped the head of a political campaign. So the media was right; they were

ARTICLE: Trump Is Vindicated! Watch Hannity Expose Obama’s Wiretapping

“President Trump has been proven right about wiretapping. And guess what? The all-knowing holier-than-thou destroy Trump propaganda media has been

ARTICLE: What’s The Matter With California?

What’s wrong with California? We asked authors Katy Grimes and Jim Lacy about CA’s dysfunction and their book “California’s War

ARTICLE: Vince Flynn’s Latest Novel Proves Patriotism Is Always In Style

Vince Flynn lives on in his Mitch Rapp series. The latest Mitch Rapp book, “Enemy of the State”, is already

ARTICLE: Bill O’Reilly’s Top 10 Books

Bill O’Reilly has had a long career in conservative news and publishing. In honor of Bill O’Reilly’s latest book “Killing

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