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You Won’t Believe Hugh Hewitt’s Comments About Donald Trump

“It’s like ignoring stage-four cancer. You can’t do it, you gotta go attack it [Trump's nomination]... They ought to get[...]

You Won’t Believe This Senator’s Trump Comparison

"This [the Mexican judge comments] is the most un-American thing from a politician since Joe McCarthy. There’ll come a time[...]

The Speech That Inspired The Soldiers of D-Day, 72 Years Ago

"You are about to embark upon the Great Crusade, toward which we have striven these many months. The eyes of[...]

See Why Paul Ryan Is Voting For Donald Trump

"I feel confident he would help us turn the ideas in this agenda into laws to help improve people's lives.[...]

Is #NeverTrump Candidate Actually Voting For Trump?

"I vote for Donald Trump. I'm not one of these conservatives who said, 'I'm just going to take my ball[...]

Is Third-Party Bid A “Stab In The Back” For Trump?

"I think it's a mistake for conservatives to run another candidate with the explicit intent essentially of blocking Trump from[...]

You Won’t Believe Which Senator Is Supporting Trump!

"I think Donald Trump is a phenomenon. I don't believe Donald Trump is going to change the Republican Party in[...]

Did Black Lives Matter Cause More Crime?

"Summing up, thousands more Americans are being murdered because police are now more passive since the Ferguson situation and the[...]

See How Donald Trump Attacked Bill Kristol

"All the guy wants to do is kill people and go to war… even though he knows it’s not working...[...]

Is Clinton “Groping” For A Way To Attack Trump?

"Hillary is throwing the kitchen sink and hoping something will stick to the wall.... And I think they are groping[...]

Are #NeverTrump Supporters Just DC Elites?

"Trump probably isn't going to carry Manhattan and the suburbs of Washington D.C., that's the #NeverTrump movement." -- Ann Coulter

Will Hillary Clinton Ban Guns?

"She gets in, she will appoint somebody who changes [the Second Amendment], and what that means is it's no longer[...]

Did Jihadis Blow Up The Missing Egyptian Plane?

"We are being taken advantage of by radical Islamic terrorists and this world is changing. And another couple of planes[...]

Would Jesus Vote For Bernie?

"Bernie wants to take. Jesus never, ever took. He wanted you to give." -- Bill O'Reilly

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Slams Obama On Bathroom Law

"JFK wanted to send a man to the moon. Obama wants to send a man to the women’s restroom. We[...]

Will Kasich Run Third-Party Against Trump?

"I've had a phone call with somebody that wanted me to run, consider running as a third-party candidate. I'm not[...]

You Won’t Believe What Charles Krauthammer Called Trump

"Trump has made it clear he’s not a conservative. He’s a nationalist populist. There are a lot of arguments in[...]

You Won’t Believe What Trump Said About Planned Muslim Ban

"We have a serious problem. It’s a temporary ban. It hasn’t been called for yet. Nobody’s done it. This is[...]

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