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Watch Jeffrey Lord Take Down Obama Appointee Race Baiter Van Jones

"We're all Americans here, Van. This is what liberals do. You are dividing people by race" -- Jeffrey Lord
Mitt Romney

Wow! See Who Called Mitt Romney A “Eunuch”!

"Mitt Romney is a fine person, politically he is a eunuch, he has no power inside the Republican party, he[...]

You Won’t Believe What Ted Cruz Said About Donald Trump and the Mafia

"Maybe it is the case that Donald, there have been multiple media reports about Donald's business dealings with the mob,[...]

Marco Rubio Slams Donald Trump on Israel

"Donald might able to build condos in the Palestinian areas, but this is not a real estate deal" -- Sen.[...]

Did You Hear What Mitt Romney Said About Donald Trump’s Taxes?

"I think we have good reason to believe that there’s a bombshell in Donald Trump’s taxes. I think there is[...]

Do You Think Ted Cruz Could Beat Donald Trump?

"The undeniable reality that the first four states have shown is that the only campaign that has beaten Donald Trump[...]

Are GOP Elites Living In Fantasyland?

"I think they [GOP elites] live in a fantasyland right now. Donald Trump is tapping into something in the country[...]

Did You See What Rubio Said About Trump?

"Over 70 percent of Republicans nationally have basically said we're not voting for Donald Trump. And as long as that[...]

Could Trump Have Won In 2012?

"I tell you what if I would have run four years ago he wouldn't be president right now." -- Donald[...]

Who Are The “Hookers For Hillary”?

"With her eye on the international landscape, the Bunnies are confident that President Hillary Clinton would also avoid a repeat[...]

Did You Hear What Cruz Is Saying About Trump?

"It is not being honest or candid for either Marco Rubio or Donald Trump to pretend that their records are[...]

Is Ted Cruz More Conservative Than Ronald Reagan?

"Cruz is the best candidate I’ve seen since Ronald Reagan and in many ways he’s more ideologically consistent than Reagan."[...]

What Do Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders Have In Common?

"What do Bernie and Trump have in common? ...They are basically both against what the Bush family and the Clinton[...]

No More Wars Under Donald Trump?

"Well I tell you what, I don’t mind fighting but you have to win. And number one, we don’t win[...]

Did You Hear What Ted Cruz Said About Income Inequality?

"Washington is corrupt, that it is responding to the giant corporations, and special interests, and the people getting the short[...]

You Won’t Believe What Chris Christie Said About Marco Rubio!

"He can’t name one thing he’s done in the United States Senate of consequence — except sponsor the amnesty bill,[...]

Did You See What Ted Cruz Said About Iowa and the Media?

"Iowa has sent notice that the next president of the United States will not be chosen by the media". --[...]

See What Margaret Thatcher Said About Socialism!

"The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people's money." -- Margaret Thatcher

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