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Bill Maher Calls Out Liberalism’s Double Standard On Islam

"I think people are mixing up two things: tolerance and capitulation. It's one thing to be tolerant of another culture[...]

Did You Hear What Rand Paul Said About Rubio And Immigration?

"And I think that's a mistake, and I just don't think Marco can have it both ways. You can't be[...]

Did You Hear What Rudy Giuliani Said About Donald Trump?

"Donald Trump can do what Ronald Reagan did. He can reach over and get Reagan Democrats." -- Rudy Giuliani

Trump Is Skipping The Debate!

"I'm going to have something else in Iowa, do something where we raise money for the veterans and the wounded[...]
Charles Krauthammer

Could Michael Bloomberg Help The GOP Win 2016?

"He [Bloomberg] will help elect a Republican. He will take far more from Democrats than from Republicans and I think[...]

Did You See What Glenn Beck Said About Donald Trump?

"We need a Constitutional restraint on the executive branch, and Donald Trump, I really truly believe, is a very dangerous[...]

Palin Asks — What Would The Establishment Know About Conservatism?

"Trump and his, uh, uh, uh, Trumpeters, they’re not conservative enough? Oh my goodness gracious. What the heck would the[...]

Is John Kasich “The Prince of Light and Hope”?

"Look, we have a lot of candidates who like the “Prince of Darkness,” I consider myself the “Prince of Light[...]

Ted Cruz Denounces DC Timidity on Faith Issues

"For too long there has been a spirit of fear and timidity in Washington. We should not be ashamed of[...]

How Donald Trump Became The Establishment’s Worst Nightmare

"I've been playing this game for a long time, folks, from the other side. I changed sides. I was total[...]

Donald Trump Smacks Down Nikki Haley on Immigration

"The people in South Carolina, I know them very well.... They're strong. They're tough. They're very strong on illegal immigration[...]

Iran Has American Sailors In Custody — Why Is Obama In Denial?

" He refused to acknowledge the very real challenges facing this country with Iran. He didn't say a word about[...]

Cruz Won’t Be An Emperor — Unlike Obama

"The only way to end it is to repeal that statute … we will repeal Obamacare, but unlike Obama, I[...]

What’s Trump’s Take On The State of the Union?

"Right now, the state of our union is a mess." -- Donald Trump

Top Ten Donald Trump Quotes!

Across America, people have come out in support of GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump. Here are his ten most memorable,[...]

Trump Says It’s Open Season On Bill Clinton

"Hillary called me sexist, that I had an inclination. What does she know about me? I had an inclination. When[...]

See How Ted Cruz Used “The Fonz” To Argue With Trump

Donald Trump has questioned Sen. Ted Cruz's American citizenship and his eligibility for the office of President. See how "Happy[...]

Newt Gingrich Compares Trump and Cruz To Ronald Reagan

"[Trump and Cruz] are the first two genuine outsiders since Reagan who have the power and the ability to really[...]

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