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See What Sessions Says About Sanctuary Cities

"Countless Americans would be alive today and countless loved ones would not be grieving today if these policies of sanctuary[...]

Should Paul Ryan Be Replaced?

"But if you are going to throw Ryan overboard, and there certainly are members of Congress; this is the same[...]

O’Reilly Addresses The Rockville Rape Case

"We have a president who vows to stop the illegal alien criminal madness. But we have a media that openly[...]

Rush Limbaugh Explains Why Libs Blame Russia

"Nothing Russia did created this arrogance. Nothing Russia did created this willful blindness Democrats and the media have about Trump's[...]

Newt Gingrich Exposes The Biased Justice Department

"97% of the money given to politics by the Justice Department employees went to Hillary Clinton. 97%. The place is[...]

Obamacare Repeal Begins Thursday!

"That is our plan. I think Thursday is most likely going to be our day to bring it forward... The[...]

You Won’t Believe What Krauthammer Said About The Trump Wiretaps

"You don't need an investigation. Look, there's not a person in Washington who thinks that there actually was a wiretap,[...]

Feud! You Won’t Believe What Rand Paul Said About John McCain

"You know, I think he makes a really, really strong case for term limits. I think maybe he's past his[...]

Tucker Carlson Reveals Who Actually Meddled In The Election!

There is no evidence that Russia collaborated with Donald Trump or his campaign to win the election. So why does[...]

Should GOP Just Let Obamacare Implode?

"And I tell Tom Price and I tell Paul Ryan, I tell every one of 'em, I say the best[...]

Paul Ryan Has Words For Trumpcare Critics

""We made a promise to the people who elected us we would repeal and replace this law. And we basically[...]

Should Obama’s Deep State Saboteurs Be Purged?

"Deep-state Obama holdovers embedded like barnacles in the federal bureaucracy are hell-bent on destroying President Trump. It's time for the[...]

Rand Paul Rips GOP Health Plan As “Obamacare Lite”

"The Obamacare lite bill says that you will pay the penalty not to the government, but to the insurance company.[...]

Mark Levin Slams Obama’s Wiretaps!

"They did not have enough information for probable cause to get a warrant in front of the FISA court. So[...]

Rush Limbaugh Rips Anti-Trump Sabotage!

"Folks, from the moment that Donald Trump won the election, back in November, there have been leaks, illegal leaks, that[...]

Did Obama Use The NSA Against Trump? Mark Levin Weighs In

"We have a prior administration. Barack Obama and his surrogates... Who were using intelligence activities to surveil members of the[...]

Cruz Defends Jeff Sessions From Russia Allegations

"And the reason I say it's political theater is the underlying meeting, you know, this morning, everyone is in high[...]

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